Topic’s Sports Consumption Sees More Bike Lovers

by Doris Liu and the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau kicked off the 8.8 Beijing Sports Consumption Festival on August 8 under the theme of “Joyful Sports, Joyful Excellence,” adopting a variety of ways to ignite passion for sports.

The one-month festival added an offline carnival of sports experience scenarios this year, which are intended to complement the festival’s four thematic sections of “Buy Online,” “Race Online,” “Order Online” and “Learn Online”. The carnival provides the public photo-ready scenarios, camping and frisbee experience areas, as well as an interactive gaming area where people can have a ski adventure while wearing a VR headset.

By linking online shopping with offline scenarios, the J Shop, JD’s fashion and lifestyle business, managed to meet the personalized sports needs of customers. Since the pandemic has made people explore more non-social activities, cycling, swimming and camping have become more popular sports for outdoor relaxation and exercise, as shown by the sales data of the festival.

For instance, saw a threefold increase in sales of road bikes from August 1-8. From June, road bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes and folding bikes surged by 120 percent, 90 percent, 70 percent and 60 percent year-over-year (YOY) respectively in transaction volume. Sales of cycling equipment doubled while sales of cycling jersey and bike accessories increased 163 and 90 percent YOY.

Data from the J Shop showed that customers are willing to splurge on cycling, with the most sought-after road bikes mainly being priced above RMB 10,000 yuan and occupying 10 percent of the overall sales. The most popular traditional mountain bikes are RMB 1,000-2,000 yuan, while the prices for folding and city bikes are around RMB 500-1,000 yuan.



London Brand Palace Opens China’s First Digital Store on

by Doris Liu

Palace Skateboards, also commonly known as Palace, launched its first online flagship store in China on, dropping its latest autumn collection on August 6.

Available in the JD store, the brand’s iconic graphics can be found on the Polartec 1/4 Zip Jacket, Tabloid denim jacket, Palace Payne Shirt and the Palace x adidas capsule collection, alongside an extensive array of clothing and accessories.

The store will release new products every Saturday morning at 11am during the seasonal periods, enabling Chinese customers to catch up with the latest global drops.

Before the partnership with China’s leading e-commerce company, Palace used cross-border parcel delivery, which could take 1-2 weeks for customers in China to receive their orders from the official website. Now with JD’s authenticity guarantee and robust in-house logistics network, the period of delivery is significantly shortened.

Palace, the buzzy skateboarding and clothing brand established in London in 2009 by Levent Tanju and Gareth Skewis, has gradually carved out a niche in the streetwear market. With its signature triangle logo referred to as Tri-Ferg, the acclaimed skateboard brand has collaborated with Ralph Lauren, adidas, Reebok and many other leading brands across the fashion and sports universe.

With in-depth insight into the fashion industry and a trusted ecosystem, JD is home to a growing number of luxury, fashion and designer brands. To further capture Gen Z, brands such as Maison Margiela, AMI Paris, Stone Island, Yohji Yamamoto and Gentle Monster have opened flagship stores on JD.



JD Logistics Among World’s Top 10 Strongest Logistics Brands

by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics,’s logistics arm, was named one of the world’s top 10 strongest logistics brands in the Logistics 25 2022 report released last week by Brand Finance, an independent brand business valuation consultancy.

The report highlights JD Logistics’ innovations in the supply chain sector, noting that JD Logistics has invested in cutting-edge technology and research to roll out an automated delivery service offering in selected cities in China. The company is also focusing on ESG projects such as establishing China’s first carbon-neutral logistics industrial park which aims to lower energy consumption. JD Logistics is making the supply chain more sustainable by employing green warehousing, reusable packaging and using more renewable energy.

Currently, JD Logistics operates a logistics network of approximately 1,400 warehouses and 200,000 in-house couriers. Its services cover almost everywhere in China with same- and next-day delivery service available in 94 percent of counties and 84 percent of villages. Its global supply chain includes approximately 80 bonded and overseas warehouses in Europe, the U.S., Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East and more.




JD Worldwide Ushers Soaring of Cross-border Fresh Products

by Doris Liu

Imported fresh products on JD Worldwide, JD’s cross-border e-commerce arm, surged by 13 times in the second quarter compared with Q1 2022, with ice cream jumping 19 times in June compared with that in May, indicating a strong demand for the imported goods market in China.

The number of cross-border stores in the liquor category rose by 154 percent in July year-over-year (YOY), and the category’s sales volume went up by six times YOY. At present, there are thousands of liquor products under more than 170 brands in JD Worldwide’s imported liquor category, ranging from beer, wine, sake to whisky and brandy.

In addition, imported food also received a welcome uplift by Chinese consumers. Sales volume of the food category on JD Worldwide saw a 150 percent increase YOY in June. In the first half of 2022, the number of brands added to the marketplace jumped significantly, with sales volume of snacks and dairy products up 200 and 160 percent YOY, respectively.

JD Worldwide had made unrelenting efforts of supporting overseas brands in market expansion with incentive measures as well as guidance in product selection, marketing and operation, logistics and warehousing etc.

More and more small and medium-sized merchants and overseas brands have benefited from JD’s differentiated supply chain of omni-channel, traffic ecosystem, operation solutions and so on. For instance, the Aidougou food store, launched on JD Worldwide in 2021, and the 7-Plus liquor store respectively saw an increase of 636 percent YOY and 100 percent month-over-month in sales volume during the 618 Grand Promotion this year.

“JD Worldwide will become the most trusted ‘chief growth partner’ for cross-border merchants with a more open ecosystem, and a constantly improving business experience,” shared Yunpeng Wang, general manager of JD Worldwide.



JD Logistics Rolls Out Customized Solutions as Pre-Cooked Food Market in China Booms

by Vivian Yang

As an answer to the booming market of pre-cooked food in China, JD Logistics (JDL) introduced its tailored solutions based on its cold-chain system, giving full play to its strengths in transportation, warehousing, packaging, technology and more.

To start with, relying on JD’s cold-chain warehouses that span 37 cities in the country totaling over 610,000 square meters so far, JDL stays close to the manufacturers to ensure products are processed and stored safely and freshly.

cold chain |

On food refrigeration during transportation, JDL has developed a set of packaging solutions to layer goods of different temperature requirements and place refrigerants correspondingly. With such measures, products needing environments from -22℃ to 15℃ can be carried simultaneously while logistics costs are better controlled. Meanwhile, JD’s cold chain management system real-time monitors refrigerator vans on the road, ensuring food quality during the transportation process.

In addition, JDL’s digital capabilities and supply chain expertise in predicting sales, optimizing warehouse deployment and managing orders from different sales channels provide much-needed solutions for the emerging industry to gain more efficient inventory turnover, market coverage and fulfillment capabilities.

JD fresh cold chain

Take one pre-cooked food brand that began partnering with JDL last year for example. The brand expanded its business from B-to-B and B-to-C and engaged in livestreaming as the market heated up. But the transition also put them under great pressure to handle instantaneous order surges during big sales. JDL managed to rapidly convert its to-B inventory to to-C order production and accomplished above 99 percent timely fulfillment in the nationwide sales during the peak time.

Moreover, relying on JDL’s cold chain network, the brand upgraded its national operation from five to seven warehouses, leading to greater market coverage, shorter delivery time, and higher order satisfaction rate from 92 to 98 percent. Additionally, JDL provided a customized consumables solution for the client, lowering its cargo loss rate from 0.5 to 0.2 percent and below.

According to iiMedia Research’s estimation, the market size of pre-cooked food in China reached RMB 345.9 billion yuan in 2021 and it will maintain 20 percent annual growth, exceeding RMB 1 trillion yuan in 2027. Supply chain and cold chain capabilities have become increasingly critical for players in this segment for market success and to achieve next-level development.



JD.ID Launches SUPER 8 Electronic Mega Sale with Superb Benefits

by Setya Yudha Indraswara

PT Jingdong Indonesia Pertama (JD.ID), one of the largest e-commerce companies in Indonesia, launched the Super 8 Electronic Mega Sale (Super 8) program which will take place from August 8, 2022. This JD.ID initiative is intended to provide the best services and products at the best prices for the customers of Indonesia, as well as to celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

“With the spirit of independence, we want to give satisfaction to our loyal JD.ID customers through attractive offers and good services. For the first time, Super 8 Electronic Mega Sale presents special promos, especially on three beautiful dates, namely 8, 18, and 28 of this month and continuing for the next few months. JD.ID has always been consistent in providing consumers with #DijaminOri quality electronic goods, also accompanied with fast and safe delivery,” said Sandy Permadi, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of JD.ID.

As the name implies, Super 8 offers various benefits and special services that are all related to the number 8. On every date with the element 8, various promos will be served with guaranteed lowest prices and 8 benefits that will be obtained, namely: Free shipping, 0% installments, rewards for lottery winners, accumulation of 8x JD Points, special discounts of up to 88%, TTL vouchers worth 8 billion, crazy deals up to Rp. 888,888 – and the opportunity to get 8x cashback.

JD.ID also presents 8 special services to celebrate Independence Day, by responding to customers within 8 minutes, fast delivery on the same day, premium online services, COD payments, 18-day refund support, guaranteed lowest prices, exchange of goods within 28 days, and of course services to make trade-ins.

JD.ID’s decision to launch the Super 8 program was also based on increasing public confidence in online shopping, which is in line with trends in the electronic goods segment, where currently there is healthy growth in the category of electronic goods with middle to high prices – especially for televisions and home appliances.”We hope that through this Super 8 program, JD.ID can continue to pamper and provide wider happiness for loyal customers throughout Indonesia, in line with the company’s mission, which is to Make Joy Happen,” concluded Sandy.

About JD.ID

JD.ID is one of the leading e-commerce companies in Indonesia, and is affiliated with, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. Since its founding in Indonesia in March 2016, JD.ID has remained committed to its mission, which is to “Make JOY Happen” (creating joy) by providing a comprehensive and integrated online shopping service for customers. JD.ID is also committed to being able to meet consumer demand for original and high-quality products through the slogan #DijaminORI, as a unique attribute of its brand. Only at JD.ID, consumers can be spoiled with millions of choices of original products available in thousands of categories, from well-known local and international brands, or can shop for a variety of quality products from Indonesian seller partners, on the ‘JD.ID Curated Marketplace’ platform.


( Advances to 46th on 2022 Fortune Global 500

by Vivian Yang has ranked 46th on the 2022 FORTUNE Global 500 list released on August 3rd, moving up 13 places from last year and making its debut among the Top 50 biggest listed companies in the world. reported net revenue of RMB951.6 billion (about US$149.3 billion) in 2021, an increase of 27.6% from 2020. This strengthened its position on the revenues-based annual ranking and maintained its upward positional trajectory since it was first included on the list in 2016 at position 366.

In the past six years, has transformed from an e-commerce business into a supply chain-based technology and service provider. It also emerged resiliently from the COVID disruptions with a strong sense of responsibility to create not only business and industrial values, but also social values with its infrastructure and digital know-how, contributing to society’s higher efficiency in production, circulation, consumption, services and more. In doing so, has been devoted to the knitting and fusion of three networks with partners across a variety of industries that are conducive to the development of the real economy.


First is the Network of Products. Today, is running a pool of over 10 million self-operated product SKUs while also managing to cut its inventory turnover days close to 30. In order to create a premier shopping experience for JD’s over 580 million active users, enabling them to buy whatever they want and whenever and wherever they want it, JD has opened its products’ supply chains to millions of brick-and-mortar stores in over 300 cities across China and partnered with more than 150,000 offline stores for on-demand delivery services—in addition to JD’s own online and offline stores. Take Walmart for example: In the past two years, all of Walmart’s supermarkets in China have set up their online shopping portals on and adopted crowdsourced delivery services powered by Dada Group, a JD-backed on-demand delivery platform. These efforts assisted the established retailer in achieving double-digit YoY growth in terms of both overall fulfillment efficiency and the average work efficiency of goods pickers.


JD’s omnichannel retail in collaboration with Dada’s crowdsourced on-demand delivery service 

Second is the Network of Warehouses that covers almost the entire Chinese mainland. To date, JD Logistics is operating more than 1,400 warehouses with a combined floor area of over 25 million square meters, about 50,000 transportation lines, and six highly synchronized logistics networks including cold-chain, cross-border, last-mile delivery and more. In China, consumers can expect the same or next-day delivery service from regardless of where they live – in large cities or remote areas including 84 percent of towns and villages so far. In the meantime, JD is gearing up on building its international logistics network. Aiming to “sell and source goods in the whole world”, it currently runs close to 80 bonded warehouses and overseas warehouses, and its network spans nearly 230 countries and regions.

JD Logsitics’ highly automated warehouse

Third is the Network of Clouds, which has laid the technological foundation for the other two networks. It is estimated that over the last five years, JD has accumulatively invested nearly RMB 80 billion yuan on basic science and technology research and development. Under the brand of JD Cloud, numerous R&D achievements have been applied to real-world industries, providing digitally intelligent solutions in a variety of fields, including retail, logistics, supply chain, city planning and more. JD Cloud not only supports’s daily online operations including its retail, logistics healthcare arms and more, it has also successfully handled massive traffic surges in major events like the JD618 and Singles Day shopping festivals, as well as 69.1 billion interactions in JD’s App during this year’s Spring Festival Gala Show on national TV. Externally, it is providing services for more than 80 cities, 888 financial institutions, 1,821 large-scale enterprises and more than 1.95 million SMEs.

JD Cloud’s data center



Roger Vivier Joins Forces with JD for Online Store

by Doris Liu

French luxury designer brand Roger Vivier, renowned for its house signature of the emblematic buckle, revealed the opening of its flagship store on recently.

As “Qi Xi”, Chinese Valentine’s Day which falls on August 4 this year, is approaching, Roger Vivier presented a special edition of a jewel gift box, designed by Gherardo Felloni, Creative Director of the Maison, consisting of a curated selection of accessories including a pair of earrings and two hair clips. Another special edition to celebrate Qi Xi is a pair of Viv’ Go rhinestone buckle sneakers in technical fabric, with romantic color pairings of red, pink and white.Customers on can also find Love, Gommettine, Slidy Viv, Bikiviv and other shoes from Roger Vivier for various life scenarios including the daily commute, sports and leisure, weddings and dinner outings, etc.Roger Vivier’s timeless design with exquisite silhouettes has perfectly interpreted Parisian elegance with its footwear and bags.

Prior to Roger Vivier, Italian luxury group Tod’s has brought its namesake label Tod’s and the luxury sneaker brand Hogan on

Due to JD’s robust supply chain capabilities, authenticity guarantee and full-process services, the number of luxury brands on JD Luxury, the dedicated channel for luxury products, has exceeded 300, aiming to bring more refreshing experiences and premium life quality to its customers.