Benefit Cosmetics Opens Flagship Store on

by Siyi Zhao

Benefit Cosmetics, the beauty brand under world’s leading luxury products group LVMH, launched its online flagship store on on July 21. The launch of the online store allows Benefit Cosmetics to bring its instant beauty solutions and various high-quality cosmetics products to more Chinese consumers with authenticity guarantee, the fastest delivery, and customized allergy insurance from, the leading e-commerce platform in China.

Founded in 1976, Benefit Cosmetics believes laughter is the best cosmetics, and has swept the world with one-of-a-kind cult favorite products like the POREfessional Face Primer, Precisely My Brow Pencil and Dandelion Brightening Finishing Powder. This time, Benefit Cosmetics also brings its new product of its fan-favorite POREfessional family – the POREfessional: Super Setter. to consumers on, which help to keep makeup looking best for long.

Other than the new product launching, Benefit has chosen JD beauty for a reason. “The all-stops-covered delivery operation and service of allows Benefit Cosmetics to engage with wider range of consumers in China and provide them the make-up product in the way they prefer. “said Yan WANG, the Brand General Manager in Greater China of Benefit Cosmetics. “We believe that the cooperation with will provide more shopping options and convenience to all beauty lovers in China.”

These years, the world has witnessed the burgeoning increase of luxury cosmetic brands in the Chinese market, especially the contributions from young customers. In response, has launched cooperation with a series of beauty vanguards to expand its beauty blueprint.

JD Beauty has also endeavored to attract more loyal youngsters through live-streaming campaigns and marketing during shopping carnivals, a strategy which is highly matched with benefit’s product positioning and targeted customers.

“Together with the beauty brands, JD Beauty is pumped to provide the consumers with abundant and quality products through our advanced joint efforts in the key fields like big data, marketing along with supply chain,” said Terry Wang, general manager of JD Beauty.




L’Oréal’s Kiehl’s Joins’s Beauty Camp

by Siyi Zhao has ushered in a flagship store of Kiehl’s on July 20, to provide JD customers with natural extract skincare products. The partnership is a natural fit, thanks to the e-commerce platform’s promise of authentic products and a self-run delivery service ensuring safe and timely delivery.

The launch follows the opening of a series of other L’Oréal brands’ flagship stores on including Helena Rubinstein, Lancome, and Biotherm, which has further enlarged the platform’s beauty camp.

Nowadays, bearing the anxiety of “facial attractiveness,” Chinese consumers have become more and more concerned about skin health. Meanwhile, according to the 2021 New Consuming Trend Report on Facial Attractiveness Economy released by China Business Network’s big data center together with a retailing think tank, people tend to opt for products with natural extracts.

This latest launch on will put nearly 50 kinds of Kiehl’s products on shelves, including their star products Calendula Herbal-Extract Alcohol-Free Toner, Rare Earth Deep Pore Minimizing Cleansing Clay Mask, along with Avocado Eye Cream, which are all well known for their various natural extracts.

“JD Beauty has maintained a group of female and young customers because of its authentic goods and convenient service,” said a representative from JD Beauty. “These people, who have great consuming potential, are here for the high-quality products. So Kiehl’s is filling in JD consumers’ incremental demand for choices of natural extract brands.”

According to Kiehl’s, backed by 170-year apothecary experience, it was one of the first companies to proudly list ingredients on its product labels, and has always been dedicated to immersing their frontier science philosophy in formula development.



UNGC Names Among Vanguards in Cutting CO2 Emissions

by Siyi Zhao was named as a leading example for taking proactive actions to reach net zero in a roadmap whitepaper published by UN Global Compact in Beijing on July 27.

The report, Corporate Net Zero Pathway, cited’s efforts in replacing traditional fuel-combustion trucks with new energy vehicles to meet the environmental commitment. These new energy vehicles have been adopted in more than 50 cities across China, reducing at least 120,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Ms. Meng Liu, Head of UNGC in Asia-Pacific Network, speaks highly about effort in the course of reducing carbon emission. “We have noticed JD’s respective endeavors almost in every fronts of its businesses with ambitious and realistic practice in this regard. That is exactly the reason we include JD’s case in our report.” JD’s efforts in this report is stated under the topics of logistics, warehouses, packaging and reducing electricity use in office buildings. has also made efforts to strengthen the use of renewable energy in its facilities. The company built and installed a photovoltaic power generation system on the roof of its Shanghai Asia No. 1 logistics park, which has significantly reduced emissions since it entered operations in June 2018. Furthermore, JD plans to team up with global partners to create the world’s largest ecosystem of rooftop photovoltaic power generation by 2030, creating a photovoltaic power generation area of more than 200 million square meters.

In addition, the report stressed’s effort in reducing the total amount of packaging materials used and selecting recyclable raw materials in the production of packaging materials, which is one of the highest-emitting activities along the value chain.

JD used recyclable packing boxes more than 10 million times in over 30 cities by 2020, each of which can be reused more than 20 times. At the end of 2020, has accumulated 16 million uses of reusable boxes, achieving a total reduction of 180 million disposable foam boxes. By innovating in package design with thinner tape and adopting electronic express sheets, JD Logistics saves 400 million meters of tape and more than 13,000 tons of paper each year.

Instead of playing solo, has worked with partners such as P&G to ship items to customers in their original packaging, reducing the need for additional packaging material and minimizing touchpoints required to reach the customer. Through its collaboration with consumer goods companies like Coca-Cola, P&G and Unilever, has developed a used plastic recycling system in which plastic is picked up from JD consumers and then sent to respective recycling locations by JD logistics to reduce emissions caused by plastic production.

As the report pointed out, global warming has been posing a formidable challenge to the earth due to the ever-growing increase in carbon emissions driven by human activities. A spokesperson made a remarks after viewing the report. “It has become an essential obligation for everyone to take actions without hesitation. will make constant efforts to build a lower carbon and greener supply chain, making its unique contribution to achieve China’s carbon neutrality goal.”

JD Logistics, which has joined Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), has announced its goal of reducing carbon emission by 50 percent in 2030 comparing with the emission of 2019, which is significantly ahead of the timetable set by Chinese government, in which China will reach emission peak by 2030.



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SEVEN FRESH Opens Fourth Store in Chengdu Inside Subway Station

by Ling Cao

JD’s omni-channel supermarket chain SEVEN FRESH opened a new store in Chengdu on July 23rd, making it the fourth location in the city and the chain’s first subway storefront, located inside Chengdu’s Shijicheng subway station.

The store will offer fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood, local delicacies, ready-to-cook dishes and baked food developed by SEVEN FRESH.

During the opening ceremony, the Chengdu store offered a wide range of discounts to customers, providing them with a superior fresh produce shopping experience.

Helson Zheng, head of SEVEN FRESH shared, “SEVEN FRESH has built a strong supply chain network that connects delicious food from all over the world in one place. Using various cooking methods developed by our team as well as fast delivery service, we hope customers can enjoy the instant and convenient in-store and online shopping.”

JD plans to open a fifth store of SEVEN FRESH in Chengdu in late September.

In recent three months the chain opened three stores in Shenzhen, as part of SEVEN FRESH’s overall plan to focus on major regions in China. Zheng said that SEVEN FRESH will keep the expansion momentum over the next three years.



JD Puts Logistics Drones in Henan for Disaster-Relief

by Yuchuan Wang

JD’s self-developed logistics drone was dispatched from Xi’an to Henan province and put into use since Jul. 22 to deliver emergency needs in Xinxiang, a flood-stricken city to the north of Zhengzhou, Henan province as the rain in Central China continues to strike the region.

In addition to facilitating the transportation of goods, JD’s rescue drones were also used in Zhongmou county of Zhengzhou, to help survey the flood.

A JD logistics drone takes off in Xinxiang on Jul. 22 initiated emergency support for Henan province since Jul. 21 including donation of raincoats, rubber shoes, spades, instant noodles, mineral water and more to local people.

On February 16 of last year, flied its two drones to spray disinfectant in the High-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Ordos City, an important industrial city of Inner Mongolia, China. There will be more scenarios in which drones may play a non-substitutable role.



Donations from JD’s Warehouses in Henan Reach Stranded Passengers and Hospital Patients

by Vivian Yang

On July 21st, JD Logistics delivered over 540 boxes of food and mineral water from its nearby warehouses to Tielu train station in Zhengzhou, Henan province, where hundreds of passengers have been stranded on the railway for more than 40 hours due to the ongoing massive floods in the region.

The train K226/7 left Zhengzhou headed for Lanzhou of Gansu province in the afternoon of July 19th, but service was suspended not long after departure due to the flooding. The ferocious storm cut off all rescue channels around the station, posing grim challenges to railway staff attempting to provide necessities for the stranded passengers.

JD Logistics’ local team contacted station head Yabin Zhang shortly after learning what was happening, and quickly sourced and delivered supplies from its warehouses close to the station, providing much needed relief for the hungry and tired passengers.

“Thank you so much,” wrote Zhang in his Wechat communication with the JD courier in charge of this mission. “I just want to express our gratitude on behalf of all the passengers on K227.”

On the same day, another batch of rescue supplies from JD’s local warehouses were sent to designated hospitals in Henan. It is estimated that there are over 5,000 medical workers and patients stranded at the No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; and 4,000 at the No. 5 Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University. JD’s timely delivery of relief supplies has greatly alleviated their urgent needs.

JD is China’s largest retailer with an extensive logistics infrastructure including a network of around 1,000 warehouses across the country. Since 2012, the company has abided by a rule that if a disaster happens anywhere in the country, the nearest JD warehouse should immediately donate and deliver its goods to meet the emergency demands. The manager in charge of the warehouse is entitled to make such a decision on the ground without waiting for approval from upper management.

In order to reduce operating pressures for merchants from Henan on JD’s platform, the company also announced 10 supportive measures on July 22nd to help tide them over during this difficult time while maintaining business operation. These measures include a number of operating fee exemptions on, including exemption from penalties for product delivery delays, and offering merchants employer liability insurance at no cost, and more.


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JD’s Rescue Supplies Rush to Rain-Ravaged Henan from Local Warehouses

by Vivian Yang initiated emergency support for the central China province of Henan on July 21st as heavy downpours continued to lash the region.

Over 20 trucks of rescue supplies donated by JD and transported from JD Logistics’ closest warehouse arrived in Henan on the second day of the heavy rainfall, including raincoats, rubber shoes, spades, instant noodles, mineral water and more.

JD Retail launched a dedicated service hotline for customers and merchants in order to provide emergency goods coordination.

JD Health opened a free 24-hour hotline for local people’s medical consultation, and sourced and donated healthcare supplies for disinfection, epidemic prevention, mosquito prevention, treatment of wounds and anti-inflammation.

AllianzJD, JD’s insurance arm and a joint venture with German’s Allianz, has also opened a green channel for 24-hour claims settlement and rescue services for clients in Henan.

Many touching scenes of JD couriers have been captured by Internet users as they lend their hands in helping the local community in escorting children and elderly people wading in the water, or pushing cars out of the deep puddles.

In 2012,’s founder Richard Liu announced a company regulation stating that if a disaster happens anywhere in the country, the nearest JD warehouse should immediately donate and transport its goods to meet the emergency demands and that the management of any such warehouse would not need to obtain prior approval.


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JD News Roundup Vol. 13: Givenchy, Beyond Meat and a Pay Raise

Welcome to Volume 13 (June 21 – July 19) of our 2021 weekly digest. Here we consolidate a selection of JD news regularly and give context on why it matters. If you have any questions or topics you are hoping we will explore, please email


BUSINESS HIGHLIGHTS to boost employees’ salaries

JD will increase employee’s annual salaries to the equivalent of 16-months pay over the next two years, from the current 14 months (including annual bonuses). The announcement has been interpreted as a show of financial strength and solidarity with the e-commerce giant’s employees.


JD Logistics

Shenzhen-based British YouTubers Lee and Oli Barrett recently toured’s Asia No. 1 highly automated logistics warehouse in Beijing, which processes more than 800,000 customer orders per day. Check out their video of that visit on their YouTube channel, or via bilibili. The Barretts have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across YouTube and other social media platforms.


JD Retail

Givenchy, a luxury fashion and perfume house under LVMH, launched a beauty flagship store on on July 15th, aiming to bring its range of high-quality cosmetics to a wider range of consumers in China. This year JD has also welcomed LVMH brands Louis Vuitton and Berluti, connecting the brands with the e-commerce platform’s more than 500 million active users.

Popular plant-based meat-maker Beyond Meat has opened its first e-commerce channel in China on, offering a variety of its nutritious plant-based products including Beyond Beef™, the Beyond Burger® and Beyond Pork™ to four major cities including Beijing and Shanghai, with plans to expand to 300 cities.  General manager of JD Fresh James Ye told Reuters that the platform has observed a rapid increase in attention to healthy diet and lifestyle among Chinese consumers. “Via our long-established advantages in supply chain, cold chain logistics, retail and omni-channels, we hope to bring Beyond Meat’s healthy and high-quality products to Chinese consumers.”

JD Original,’s private brand initiative, will provide customers with products directly from manufacturers through the end-to-end digital supply chain management service offered by the C2M (consumer-to-manufacturer) business under Li & Fung Limited, the world’s leading supply chain solutions partner for consumer brands and retailers. Together the two parties are creating a multi-category collection that includes homeware, pet products and more.

A total of 2,437 ENOVATE EM5 electric cars were pre-ordered on JD Auto through a one-month long crowdfunding campaign ended on July 13th. The campaign successfully reached the minimum number of orders required to manufacture the JD Auto-customized vehicles. Participants only needed to pay a deposit of RMB 618 yuan to ensure a discounted price when the cars become available for purchase, and will receive gift services worth 40,000 yuan including a charging station, lifetime warranty of the key parts and more. About 85% of buyers during the campaign were aged between 22 to 41 years old. As competition escalates in China’s EV market, more and more young consumers are focusing on car performance itself when making purchases.


JD Health

JD Health has helped the Suqian municipal government launch a medical security information platform by integrating data with the city’s 3,347 medical institutions (including hospitals and pharmacies), to offer convenient medical services for local residents. The construction of the platform is part of the Chinese government’s efforts to address a series of issues such as cross-location medical insurance settlement.


JD Technology

JD Cloud released a series of products during the JD Cloud Summit on July 13th, including the industry’s first hybrid cloud operation system named “Yunjian,” which can achieve integrated management and allocation of digital infrastructure. Additionally, JD Cloud released the first fully-opened PaaS ecosystem in the industry, aiming to create an “android system” in the cloud computing area. Thirty companies will join for the first phase.


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