Sep 9, 2022|

Traditional Flavors Still Top Mooncake Sales Ranking


by Doris Liu

Mid-Autumn Festival, a Chinese festival for family reunions, falls on September 10 this year, and sales of mooncakes have been climbing up in recent weeks, with traditional flavors such as five kinds of nuts and black sesame among the best-selling ones, according to a report on 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Consumption Trend released by on September 7.

Since August 2022, more than 100 flavors of mooncakes have been sold on, and more than 90 percent are sold in gift box packaging, according to the report. The top five best-selling mooncakes are filled with white lotus seed paste with salty duck egg yolks, lava custard, five kinds of nuts(almond, peach kernel, sesame, melon seeds, peanut), black sesame and red bean paste, with sales up by 37, 68, 10, 9 and 4 times compared with last month respectively. The sales of soy milk, jasmine matcha and chocolate milk flavored mooncakes all increased over 10 times compared with the same festival in 2021, while the avocado, chocolate lava and green plum flavors rose by more than 5 times.

Among those who have made purchases of mooncakes, the number of consumers aged 16-35 increased by 3.4 percent month-over-month (MOM); the 16-25 age group showed preferences for mooncakes with nuts, with over 50 percent selecting the  hazelnut flavor. The report believes that healthier and high value-added mooncakes with higher quality are becoming a trend for the entire food industry, with the 36-45 age group accounting for over 40 percent in the total sales of low sugar mooncakes stuffed egg yolk with white lotus seed paste and pine nuts with lotus seed paste.

Mooncake consumption is shown to extend beyond the limits of the holiday, according to the report. Mid-Autumn Festival  takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month annually in the Chinese lunar calendar. Normally families gather on the day to enjoy mooncakes, the most representative food for the festival, play with lanterns and gaze at the moon. However, JD’s data indicate multiple sales peaks of mooncake products over the course of the year, including during Chinese New Year, the 618 Grand Promotion and the Mid-Autumn Festival, showing that mooncakes have become a snack or dessert for daily life.