Jun 2, 2020|

Vivo Phones can be Delivered within One Hour via JDDJ


by Martin Li

Vivo, one of the leading Chinese smartphone markers, has joined JD Daojia (JDDJ), a local on-demand retail platform on JD.com, to enable customers to receive products within one hour.

JDDJ’s one-hour smartphone delivery service covers over 3,000 smartphone stores in 126 cities, which means buyers of Vivo products can receive parcels within at most one hour.

Since April, JDDJ has provided one-hour delivery service to telecommunications products buyers. Many large brands have a presence on JDDJ’s app and mini-program, including Huawei and Apple.

This is one of the latest collaborations between JD and Vivo to benefit customers during the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion, which started on June 1st  to mark the 17th birthday of JD.com.

Vivo and its subsidiary brand iQOO gave away RMB 200 million yuan worth of coupons and 10,000 gift boxes to customers on JD.com on June 1st.

In addition, buyers of Vivo’s 5G smartphones on JD can receive benefits like 30-day refund guarantee and extended warranty.

Sales of both Vivo and iQOO phones witnessed growth of over 200% on June 1st, compared with the same period of last year. It took only 20 minutes for iQOO to see its 5G model iQOO Z1 exceed 10,000 orders on JD.

JD is the debut platform for Vivo’s 5G smartphones.