Aug 12, 2020|

Walmart, JD and Tencent See Double-Digits Sales Increase during Omnichannel Shopping Festival


by Rachel Liu

Walmart, JD and Tencent announced that the 8.8 (August 8th) Omnichannel Shopping Festival (July 16th to August 15th), jointly launched by the three companies, has seen double-digits y-o-y sales increases in its “on-demand” business. On the day, the average number of “on-demand” orders of each Walmart store surpassed 1,000.

The Walmart stores on JD also saw great performance. Sales of Walmart’s flagship store on JD increased 180% y-o-y on July 16th, the first day of the 8.8 Shopping Festival. Sales of personal care, wine, and maternal & baby products all achieved double digits’ increases. Sales of food and beverage products through Walmart cross-border flagship store on JD Worldwide increased over 260% y-o-y. Walmart flagship store members increased by 650,000 during the shopping festival, and followers of the store has now reached nearly 10 million.

This year, with the impact of COVID-19, customers’ demand for online shopping and on-demand delivery is growing. JD and Walmart have worked together to launch an on-demand delivery service to provide next-day delivery to the customers who shop from the Walmart flagship store on JD, aiming to improve customer experience and optimize supply chain efficiency. If customers order products via the online flagship store, and the products are available in a nearby Walmart store, the order will be sourced from the store, and delivered directly to the customer, rather than having to come from a warehouse.  During the 8.8 shopping festival, the service covered 83 cities around China.

Since forming a strategic partnership in 2016, JD and Walmart have been exploring omnichannel development. In 2017, the two sides initiated the 8.8 shopping festival, and successfully integrated online and offline users, and piloted an inventory integration project in Shenzhen.

Customers are also able to shop on the Walmart WeChat mini-program powered by Tencent. There are over 7 million registered users on the mini-program, which ranks No.1 in the retail industry. It’s also the fastest growing mini-program on WeChat.