Oct 12, 2020|

Wanna Know How Much Hot Water Left in Heater? JD Promotes 20 C2M Products


by Rachel Liu

JD will channel key promotion resources toward 20 top home appliance products from JD’s C2M initiative, which leverages JD’s big data insights to jointly develop customized products with brand partners. The highlighted products, which include 10 new products and 10 hot-selling products, span 11 categories such as refrigerators, TVs, water heaters and air conditioners— with 14 leading brands including Midea, Sony, Haier, Hisense and more.

The selected 20 products will enjoy a prominent position in the monthly promotion of home appliance products, with special flash sales and more. Those brands will also receive marketing guidance during the whole product lifecycle to help improve product performance.

JD launched the C2M initiative for home appliance products in 2018 to meet customers’ demands. In 2020, sales of C2M home appliances on JD increased 100% YOY, and the initiative has launched over 150 C2M products, 40 of which ranked Top 3 in their respective categories.

The selected brands saw great sales during the National Day holiday (October 1st – October 8th), with sales of a Haier C2M water heater increasing by five times, compared with the average daily sales in the previous month.

The success of the C2M initiative lies in its close attention to customer feedback. For example: After JD big data observed that many customers expressed that they wished water heaters had screens indicating how much hot water was left while showering, the brand added a hot water indicator to the product’s display.

Another successful case is Sony’s full-screen AI eye protection TV, which was developed in response to customer feedback that expressed concern for children’s eyesight while watching TV. Sales of the TV increased six times during the National Day holiday, compared with the average daily sales in September.

With JD’s vast consumption data, brands can stay informed about customer demands. By working closely with JD’s C2M initiative to develop products that can precisely meet customers’ needs, brands can also lower the costs of developing and testing new products. Additionally, customers can be assured that they will find the best suited products for their needs at the best cost, and within a shorter time.