Oct 25, 2019|

Young Consumers in China Drive Demand for Top Quality Bird’s Nest


Edible bird’s nest, a nourishing food long prized in Chinese cuisine, is being eagerly embraced by China’s younger generation. Recent data from JD.com shows that young people are now driving demand for this historically popular treat, which is believed to promote good health with particular benefits for the skin.

Data collected by JD.com shows that the average annual growth rate of bird’s nest sales on JD.com reached more than 50% over the past five years. It also reveals that consumption of bird’s nest is growing fast among the highly educated younger generation, particularly those born between 1985 and 2000. In fact, during 2019 over 60% of bird nest purchases on JD were made by those aged 16 to 35.

Analysis also indicates significant regional variations in bird’s nest consumption trends, with evidence of a stronger preference for dry bird’s nest in southern China and for pre-cooked bird’s nest in northern China. Beijing was the area which purchased the highest volume of bird’s nest, followed by Guangdong province from July 2018 to June 2019.

Young consumers in China are increasingly accustomed to making most of their purchases online, and JD’s reputation as the most reliable e-commerce platform in China makes it the natural choice for buying luxury items such as bird’s nest. Consumers also can enjoy the best prices on JD, as its cross border e-commerce maximizes cost savings by enabling products to go directly from host country to consumer without an intermediary.

In fact, during 2019 over 60% of bird nest purchases on JD were made by those aged 16 to 35.

According to JD.com data, sales of bird’s nest have seen strong growth during e-commerce shopping festivals such as JD’s 6.18 anniversary sale and Single’s Day, Chinese and Western Valentine’s Day and Double Ninth Festival, with significant growth in purchases by women.

JD.com is committed to providing high-quality products to consumers and its new partnership with Tong Heng, a leading bird’s nest manufacturer in Indonesia, positions it to fulfill this increasing demand. Indonesia is renowned among Chinese consumers as the source of some of the best quality bird nest worldwide.

“Our partnership with JD makes it more convenient than ever to purchase top quality birds nest in China,” said Usman, director of Tong Heng Bird’s Nest Factory. “For generations Chinese people have recognized the health benefits of edible bird’s nest, and data shows that it is an increasingly popular delicacy among China’s affluent young consumers. JD’s strength among this critical demographic and unrivalled data and analysis capabilities provides us an enormous advantage in reaching our target audience.”

“As a market leader in Indonesia, renowned in China for its top-quality bird nest, Tong Heng is the ideal partner to bring this time-honored delicacy to JD’s affluent younger users,” said Jing Xu, General Manager, TCM Nutrition and Health Management, JD Health. “Purchasing directly from a manufacturer in Indonesia allows JD to ensure all product meets the highest quality standards, creating the best possible value for consumers as well.”