Aug 3, 2020|

Young People Are Keen Users of E-vouchers in Beijing


by Martin Li

Young people have been playing a dominant role in using electronic consumption vouchers issued by the Beijing municipal government, according to JD statistics.

Starting June 6th, the municipal government issued e-vouchers via’s app in batches, in an effort to speed up the restoration of consumer confidence and promote the recovery of the consumer market.

Around 58% of young users spent the e-vouchers at offline catering establishments, and 69% chose to use them to buy smart products online or offline.

During JD’s 618 Grand Promotion period, which lasted from June 1 to 18, e-voucher users spent an average of RMB 3,638 yuan per order. This reflects consumption stimulus from the e-vouchers. Among the popular products purchased were smart phones, computers and digital products.

Over half of the consumers who used the e-vouchers at offline stores were female. The top five districts for offline consumption involving e-vouchers were Daxing, Chaoyang, Haidian, Xicheng and Changping.

The municipal government issued another 1.5 million e-vouchers via’s app starting July 26th, among which one million cover  offline catering establishments and 500,000 cover the purchase of smart products online or offline.

In addition, from early August, the government will increase subsides for merchants who accept the e-vouchers.