Aug 11, 2020|

A Honeydew Melon Bought on JD for RMB 5 Yuan is Sold for 30,000


by Ling Cao

In late July Qianghua Yuan, founder of Saomao fruit art, sold a single honeydew melon for RMB 30,000 yuan. He bought it on Jingxi, JD’s social e-commerce platform, for less than RMB 5 yuan.

Inspired by Duoping Zhao, one farmer in Minqin, Gansu province, who helped turn the desert into an oasis by planting honeydew melon, Yuan carved Zhao’s likeness on a honeydew melon as an artwork and posted it on his Weibo, China’s social media platform similar to Twitter. The story moved a netizen originally from Gansu, who bought the melon at a price of RMB 30,000 yuan.

Because of the COVID-19, there is less demand from offline merchants to buy the local honeydew melon, and prices have dropped, making it challenging to sell the fruit. Jingxi has added an e-commerce sales channel.

During July 27th to 31st, Jingxi held an online event to gift customers one million melons (weighing 2,000 tons) from places of origin including Minqin and  Xinjiang, Yunnan, Shandong and Guangxi. Customers can also experience the farming process via JD’s livestream.

The Minqin honeydew melon is not only high quality, but also has helped turn 50,000 square km of desert land into prosperous farming land. 90.34% of area in Minqin county is desert land. In order to reverse desertification, local farmers have chosen to plant fruits like honeydew melon. Duoping Zhao is one of them. He joined the anti-desertification effort when he was 18 and has continued for the last 35 years. He will take care of every aspect of the process, from raising seeds, planting, pruning, watering and harvesting.

In recent years, with the help of e-commerce, local fruits have been given improved sales channels and better pricing, helping many farmers like Duoqing Zhao to free themselves from poverty. The local environment has also been improved.