Aug 11, 2020|

JD Targets Fathers for Maternal and Baby Market


by Vivian Yang

JD Super,’s online supermarket, kicked off the “Super Dad Festival” (奶爸盛典) sales event on August 3rd. The event will last the whole month with a variety of marketing activities, including 50% discounts and RMB 9.9 yuan prices for selected maternal and baby products, livestreaming with famous celebrity dads, IP collaborations, dedicated dad shopping and gaming activities and more.

Chinese dads are becoming more and more involved in childcare. This is not only because scientists have proven the health benefits of fatherhood, but more importantly, how a father performs in terms of childcare will be a big consideration for moms when considering whether to have a second child.

The first critical test for dads is the postpartum period, in which it is a tradition for many Chinese women to stay at home and recover from pregnancy and laboring with special care. As more and more Chinese families are in favor of professional postpartum care services in recent years, for the first time this year, JD Super launched a dedicated online sales event with postpartum care centers during the “Supper Dads Festival”, offering high-quality and good price choices to support new dads to prepare for their role as caretaker.

Earlier this year, most of the postpartum care centers were affected in China. The online promotional cooperation with JD enables them to demonstrate their services and reach a greater number of customers. The platform also facilitates families of expecting mom with access to more assuring services.

A wide range of material and baby product brands have joined the sales event, offering milk powder, baby food, nutritional supplements, baby appliances and all kinds of toys, an inviting territory for most dads.

This is the fourth year for JD Super to host the “Supper Dads Festival”. Through the event, JD continues to deepen its collaboration with the most trusted maternal and baby brands home and abroad to further engage with a wide range of Chinese families and offer them assistance and assurance through high-quality and safe products and services.