Aug 7, 2020|

A JD Courier in Wuhan and his over 200 “Grandparents”


by Ling Cao

“I felt love, comfort and peace of mind, like a clear spring, while in my apartment,” one elderly customer in a nursing home in Wuhan wrote in a letter to Peng Wu, a JD courier who has been delivering to her. Wu said, “They are the people of my grandparents’ generation. It is my honor to serve them. This is what I should do for them, and I feel I don’t deserve this letter.”

The nursing home is home to over 200 elderlies whose children are far from them, especially during the epidemic. Wu became the bridge connecting them with the external world. In addition to routine deliveries, Wu voluntarily helps them get medicine from hospitals so that they never have to worry about lacking what they need. Because he has gone the extra mile, the seniors in the nursing home have come to treat Wu as their own child.

Wu joined JD as a courier in 2018. In addition to the nursing home, he also covers two surrounding schools. There are many retired professors and engineers living there alone. Wu delivers parcels from their children to them.

”Often their children will call the night before to let me know they’ve placed an order,” Wu explained. “When I deliver to the elderlies’ doors the next morning, they are very happy.” Wu’s own grandparents have passed away, but he said he felt having more than 200 grandparents who care about him.

Ying Zhang, head of the Wudong delivery station in Wuhan said, “Delivery to customers’ doorsteps and being patient are the basic requirements for our couriers. If we really want to say thank you, we should also thank these elderly people for their understanding and support of our work, and thank their children for choosing our services. Making them at ease and happy is the goal of our service.”