Mar 20, 2020|

A JD’s Mother-Courier in Wuhan: 50 Days on Duty without Going Home


by Ling Cao

She has been working for 50 days straight since the epidemic outbreak, and she is staying away from home in order to protect her family. She passes by her apartment each day on her delivery run, and will only meet her husband when he goes downstairs to either throw away trash or receive packages. They can only talk briefly about their kids.

She is Yanping Wu, a courier with in Wuhan, and a mother of two sons, one is 14 and the other is five. She is responsible for delivery around Wuchang district, an area that used to be crowded and lively before the COVID-19 outbreak.

She decided to work on the frontlines at the beginning of the epidemic. Although he wished that his wife could stay at home with her sons, Wu’s husband supported her decision.

“If everyone weren’t willing to fulfil their duties, wouldn’t society be a mess?” Wu told her husband. She wanted to continue working during the epidemic period because her work can add a bit of convenience to people’s daily lives.

The area Wu covers has many elderly people, pregnant women and small children. She usually delivers medicines, food, and school supplies.

Recently one customer called on Wu for help. The customer’s child needed some materials to prepare for the college entrance examination. Even though they’d contacted a lot of channels, they weren’t able to find what they needed. Wu helped them to source the materials by asking several offline bookstores one by one. When she eventually delivered them, the customer was touched and gave her masks as a token of appreciation. Face masks have become one of the most valuable commodities during COVID19 in Wuhan.

Her sons frequently ask after her. “What is mom doing every day, when will she come back home?” She explains, “Mom is busy working to make money so that I can buy you watermelon, strawberries and Skittles.”

Video source: N video, Nanfang Metropolis Daily