Mar 20, 2020|

JD and Furniture Industry Organizations Release Mattress Selection Standard


by Hui Zhang together with leading Chinese furniture industry organizations, including Shenzhen Furniture Association, Shenzhen Furniture Design Institute, and SAIDE Testing, released a mattress selection standard on March 18th to quantify the ‘firmness’ and ‘fit’ of a mattress. The standard is the first of its kind in China focusing on these two core elements.

The new standard, based on significant research and evaluation, was determined after optimizing the international standard for mattress selection to take into account the average size of Asian people. The standard divides mattress firmness into 10 grades, and forms a percentage evaluation system to define the ‘fit’ between mattresses and human bodies. The standard will make it easy for mattress brands provide guidelines, and help consumers to more easily make their selections. It was almost impossible before for consumers and mattress manufacturers to communicate accurately and effectively as the firmness of a mattress is based on personal feel and varies from person to person.

The standard has been highly recognized by industry insiders and mattress enterprises.  13 well-known mattress brands both home and abroad, such as King Koil, DeRUCCI, Sealy and Sleemon, announced to accept the standard and redefined 43 products in terms of ‘firmness’ and ‘fit’ according to the new standard.

“The upgrading of mattress’s ‘firmness’ measurement and the creation of the ‘fit’ measurement will not only fill in the gap between domestic and international mattress selection standards, but will also provide a scientific, reliable and effective testing method for mattress enterprises,” said Haofei Gu, director of the Standards Research Center of Shenzhen Furniture Design Institute.

On March 17th, the JD Big Data Research Institute released its 2019-2020 Online Sleep-Related Product Report, indicating that China’s young urbanites suffering from poor quality of sleep, led to a subsequent increase in the sale of more high-end and diverse sleep-aid products, including mattresses. The new standard will help consumers choose mattresses that are more suitable for them.