Mar 22, 2020|

Hubei Provincial Government Offers Gratitude to for Battling COVID-19


On March 20th, the Hubei Provincial Headquarters for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 sent a heart-felt note of appreciation to in Hubei province thanking the company for its ongoing contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

The city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, is in Hubei province. A courtesy translation of the letter is below.


Hubei Provincial Headquarters for Prevention and Control of COVID-19, Hubei province entity:

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Hubei province, has taken immediate action to implement President Xi Jinping’s call for support. Acting in accordance with the directives of the central and provincial authorities regarding epidemic prevention, you have addressed and overcome all difficulties, bravely taken responsibility, and come to our rescue day and night, continuously delivering medical and other emergency rescue supplies, effectively alleviating urgent problems faced by those on the frontlines of the fight against the epidemic. To ensure people’s livelihoods, you didn’t cease operations. While delivering the basic needs of our citizens, you also overcame significant difficulties, transporting vegetables and other essential items, boosting everyone’s morale in beating the epidemic.

When trouble arises, help comes from all directions. We stand together and will overcome. In this “battle without the smoke of gunpowder” seeing your people ride into the line of fire rather than flee in fear became the most beautiful scene of modern times. Your people have come to our rescue and left their own families behind, and shown the spirit of love and care as well as fearlessness, providing the best living example of the saying “we are all responsible for the rise and fall of the world.”

We would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to your company for its outstanding contribution to the epidemic prevention and control work and for your support to the provincial headquarters. We offer our highest respect to all staff who joined in the battle.

We have now reached the final stage of the fight to prevent and control the epidemic. We remain firmly confident in putting our whole hearts into continuing the battle. While protecting the health and safety of employees, we will redouble our efforts, go to all lengths, racing against the clock to fight the disease and make further contributions to winning the people’s fight, the overall fight, and the fight of resistance in preventing and controlling the epidemic.