Apr 29, 2021|

Bangkok Post Interviewed JD CENTRAL CEO: The Future of Online Retail in Thailand


by Yuchuan Wang

“Thailand’s online retail market accounted for 8% of total retail sales in 2020, which means there is still room to grow. The online retail market in China contributes 27% of total sales,” said Vincent Yang, CEO of JD CENTRAL, according to a report by leading English-language newspaper in Thailand, Bangkok Post, on Apr. 29.

Yang commented that Thailand’s online retail market could double or even triple in the next few years as brands move towards digital with an increase in customer touchpoints.

Vincent Yang, CEO of JD CENTRAL

Vincent Yang, CEO of JD CENTRAL

Shopping for “everything” online is becoming part of the new normal, Yang shared with Bangkok Post. Despite Thailand’s GDP taking a hit due to the pandemic last year, JD CENTRAL achieved 169% growth in 2020, compared with 2019.

Over the past few years, JD CENTRAL has invested in building infrastructure to support partners’ growth, said Yang. Thanks to its logistics network including eight self-built warehouses, JD CENTRAL is able to cover the whole of Thailand with rapid delivery services. It can deliver 95% of its orders in Bangkok on the same-day.

JD CENTRAL is a leading e-commerce platform in Thailand and a joint venture between JD.com and Thai retail giant Central Group.

The full article by Bangkok Post can be read here.