Jun 7, 2021|

Belgian Luxury Brand MONETA Launches Store on JD


by Hui Zhang

Belgian jewelry luxury brand MONETA launched an official flagship store on JD.com on Jun. 3, bringing both its classic and new jewelry lines to JD’s over 500 million consumers.

JD.com is currently the only online place to purchase the brand’s classic collection, Ara Chloroptére, in China. Consumers will be offered customization services to mark the online store’s opening. Meanwhile, new collections, such as La Mode, Yingmo, Kosa, and La rétro de Victoria, will also be available on JD.

“MONETA launching a store on JD is an important step in the brand’s digitalization strategy. We have been actively embracing China’s new retail environment and continuously optimizing the consumer shopping experience to enhance communication and connection with our customers,” said Jianbo Zhen, executive director of MONETA China.

“The opening of MONETA store on JD enriches our jewelry category. Furthermore, JD’s strong platform capabilities together with premium services will help MONETA reach more Chinese consumers,” said Kevin Jiang, President of International Fashion and Lifestyle.

A vast pool of consumers with strong consumption power and JD’s unparalleled logistics speed are the major reasons why the brand chose to partner with JD.  JD has witnessed strong sales performance in the first hour of June 1, the first day of JD’s annual 618 Grand Promotion (Jun. 1-18), with sales of luxury clothing and accessories, shoes, and bags increasing by 113%, 220%, and 82% respectively YOY. In addition, JD’s nationwide warehouses which can guarantee orders to be delivered within 24 hours can not only make it easy for the brand to reach out to more Chinese consumers, but also ensure the delivery speed.

The opening of MONETA store on JD enriches our jewelry category

MONETA, a fine jewelry brand originated in Belgium, was established in late 20th century and began to expand into the U.K. and U.S. markets in the mid-1980s, focusing on providing private jewelry customization services for high-end users in Europe. The brand entered the Chinese market in 2006 by opening boutiques across the country to serve a wider range of consumers. The partnership with JD will bring the brand access to more Chinese consumers.