Apr 1, 2021|

Black Coffee is a New Trend among Chinese Consumers


by Rachel Liu

Black coffee is trending among Chinese consumers, especially those who peruse healthy lifestyles in first and second tier cities.

Since the beginning of this year, sales of black coffee on JD increased 130% YOY. Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu are the Top 5 cities for black coffee consumption.

Black coffee is one of the most common drinks in western countries, but only began to rise its popularity in China in recent years,” said a sales manager from JD. The Baidu Index shows that, searches of “black coffee” started to increase quickly from the beginning of 2020. “When coffee was first introduced to China, people were not used to the taste of black coffee, so instant coffee and coffee-flavored drinks were most popular at that time. Now, more consumers have begun to enjoy the taste of black coffee.”

The trend of keeping fit and living healthier lifestyles in China also contributed to the rise of black coffee. With no sugar or milk, 100g of black coffee has only 2.55 calories. Black coffee is also helpful for burning fat and improving metabolism. JD data shows that customers from 25 to 35 years-old living in first and second tier cities, especially office workers and young mothers, are the key customers for black coffee, as they usually attach great importance on keeping body shape and pursing a premium lifestyle.

The trend has encouraged many brands to develop black coffee products in all kinds of forms which suit Chinese customers’ demands, such as drip coffee, freeze-dried coffee and concentrated coffee, all of which are easy to carry and prepare. As coffee machines are not as common in China as in western countries, these products are especially suitable for drinking in offices or for customers who do not have coffee machines.

TASOGAREDE is one of the brands that saw rapid growth on JD since 2018. The brand mainly develops sugar-free black coffee that is convenient to drink. In 2020, the 24-bag package of drip coffee generated over RMB 10 million yuan in sales on JD.

sugar-free black coffee

“We believe Chinese consumers are looking for a better drinking experience, and black coffee has great potential. With no sugar or creamer, our products are healthy and can reflect the original flavor of coffee,” said Jiahao Yu, director of channels at TASOGAREDE. “JD has played an important role in the growth of TASOGAREDE in the past few years. Since joining JD in 2018, the brand has seen a 300% sales increase each year. We also worked together to develop C2M products based on consumption trends and big data collected from JD’s online and offline channels.”

Other popular coffee brands on JD include Italian brands illy, Lavazza, and Segafredo Zanetti, Swiss brand Nestlé, as well as Starbucks, which began to sell coffee beans and instant drinking coffee on JD in 2019.