Apr 1, 2021|

JD White Paper: Customers Increasingly Focused on Hair Care


by Ling Cao

More than half of anti-hair loss products on JD.com are purchased by people between 26 and 35 years old, with women making up more than half of this group, according to a new white paper breaking down hair care consumption trends released by JD last week.

Hair loss is an increasing concern for Chinese customers. Data from China’s National Health Commission shows that over 250 million people in China suffer from hair loss; in other words, one in six people on average.

Regarding purchasing time, most customers will make orders in the evening hours before midnight, according to the report.

Customers also care about finding the most suitable and professional hair shampoos. For example, among the anti-dandruff shampoo products, “professional anti-dandruff” now accounts for 53% for all the anti-dandruff searches.

Daisy Niu, a Shenzhen-based young female customer shared, “I always purchase shampoos with strong functions, as in southern China, my hair is too dry. In addition, I want to prevent hair loss.”

JD’s data also shows that female office-workers prefer scented shampoos, as well as scalp sprays or hair care essential oils to protect hair. Popular products on JD include those from AUSSIE, Schwarzkopf and PANTENE. Some customers commented on JD asking which shampoos had the most long-lasting scents, while others commented that their hair had become smoother after using a certain essential oil product.

People between 46-55 years old have the strongest demand for hair dyes. Ms. Zhang, a 53-year-old household wife shared, “Permanent dyes can hide my grey hairs, and make me look younger.”