Mar 9, 2020|

Can’t sell? JD’s Live Streaming Makes a Big Difference


by Yuchuan Wang

On March 6th, Xian Wang, the deputy director of the Business Expo Bureau of Dongpo district in Meishan City in Sichuan province, joined JD Live to promote local agricultural products to JD’s customers. The three-hour live stream resulted in a transaction volume of RMB 550,000 for 67,500 kilograms of citrus sold.

Dongpo is a place renown for citrus fruit that ripens later in season than others. With COVID-19 significantly impacting existing offline sales channels, Wang is helping farmers identify online platforms to sell the produce. JD Live enabled Wang to interact with fans across China, introducing the history of Dongpo and its delicious fruit. Within only nine minutes, the live stream attracted 100,000 followers, reaching over 1.2 million followers in just one hour.

Similar to Wang, 50 local government officials from around China have already been hosts on JD’s studio as “anchors” selling their local products. The Deputy Mayor of Ruichang city in Jiangxi province conducted a live stream on JD in late February. Within 3.5 hours, 136,000 duck and chicken eggs, as well as other products, were sold.

Apart from assisting the agricultural industry during the epidemic, JD Live has also expanded its live streams to include multiple categories to satisfy consumers’ demands and help brands grow online.

JD’s real estate business has launched live streaming for customers to shop for and purchase apartments. From January 23rd to February 21st, over 100 orders were fulfilled through this initiative. Meanwhile, JD’s home appliance business enables brands to have online product release conferences via JD Live. Haier’s ‘springtime new product’ live stream achieved a transaction volume of over RMB 30 million.

JD Health has also organized several live stream experiences hosted by administrators or medical experts from top Chinese hospitals who have experienced the 2003 SARS epidemic to provide knowledge of COVID-19 prevention and psychological counseling.