Nov 5, 2020|

Chinese Consumers Turn Focus to Home Comforts and Self-Care


by Kelly Dawson

In a year when many people have spent more time at home during the pandemic, Chinese consumers are demonstrating a desire to beautify their homes and focus on self-care. During the first three days of this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion (November 1st -11th ), shoppers on JD flocked to buy products across home and lifestyle categories including kitchen, living room, children’s room, home spa items and more.

During the 3-day period shoppers on JD bought 6.43 million kitchen shelving units, with Gen Z making up nearly half of buyers. One cooking pot model saw sales increase by three times.

Continuing the trend of younger consumers spending big were parents born between the years of 1985-1990, who bought about 10,000 units of a product designed to correct kids’ sitting posture. Parents in general were highly focused on the well-being of their children, with sales of table and chair sets designed to facilitate learning for kids increased by four times; and sales of a children’s bed and mattress set designed to promote better sleep and spinal health more than doubled.

While in the past smart devices were mostly bought by younger consumers with an interest in new technology, families and married couples are demonstrating more interest in smart devices. For example, 60% of people who bought a particular multi-function smart toilet were married men; and 90% of these buyers opted to include a private care function specifically designed for women. Sales for a fogless smart bathroom mirror also increased by three times; and a smart bed designed to prevent snoring also saw sales double.

Creating a more comfortable experience in the bathroom and shower were clearly a focus, with one premium softening shower gel selling 210,000 units. More than 304,000 individual face masks were sold during the period too.

Additionally, younger men are increasingly showing interest in self-care, with 44% of customers who bought a men’s facial essence beauty product born after 1985.