Sep 5, 2020|

CIFTIS_4: JD’s AI-Driven Digitalization Services Support Transformation of Industries


by Rachel Liu and Yuchuan Wang

As one of JD’s key business sectors, JD Digits is participating in the exhibition of the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), which JD serves as its strategic partner. At the exhibition, JD Digits highlights its solutions including intelligent city, blockchain, AI and robots to show its ability to provide one-stop services for different industries to support digital transformation through AI-driven industrial digitalization services. With the solutions, clients from traditional industries will be able to improve their automation ability and achieve digital transformation and upgrade more efficiently.

JD Digits’ Intelligent City is based on the Intelligent City Operating System, which is an open, “component-ized”, and standardized big data and AI-enabled platform to collect, store, manage, and analyze the data of cities. The project integrates JD’s technology capabilities in e-commerce, logistics, finance, big data, AI and cloud computing to build an intelligent city ecosystem that can analyze the city’s conditions and provide suggestions for its future development.

The JD Digits indoor delivery robot can be applied in multiple scenarios such as hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, and hotels to deliver medical products, food, delivery parcels and more. Earlier this year, to help medical staff on the frontlines fighting COVID-19, JD Digits provided its indoor delivery robot to a Shanghai hospital treating coronavirus patients. The robot helped transport medical supplies to contaminated areas, thereby reducing the risk for medical personnel of being exposed to the highly contagious virus.

“I’m surprised this robot was at the frontlines fighting COVID-19. It seems robots have developed and become so mature and JD is obvious a leader in this area,” said Ms. Wang, a colleague student from Renmin University.

In addition to the delivery robot, JD Digits developed an inspection robot specifically for IDCs (intelligent data centers). Powered by AI technology and multiple sensors, the robot is designed for environment and equipment checks in IDC. “The inspection robot has the ability to check a single server’s status in 30 seconds and help banks reduce IDC operating costs by up to 50%. It has been applied to some computer rooms of JD’s partners, including The People’s Bank of China and Industrial & Commercial Bank of China.”,” said Fujia Hou, an engineer of the robotics department at JD Digits, who was giving  introductions to visitors at the JD Digits’ booth on September 5th.

JD Digits also exhibited its blockchain tracing platform which is designed to ensure a transparent supply chain of authentic products to online consumers. As of June this year, it has collaborated with over 1,000 brand owners and helped track more than 90,000 SKUs (stock keeping units) on JD ranging from fresh produce, baby and maternal products, liquor, beauty products, medicine, and luxury and cross-border products.