Sep 5, 2020|

CIFTIS_5: A Remarkable Debut of JD Health


by Vivian Yang


JD Health made its debut at the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) which is held on September 4-9 in Beijing. In’s exhibition area in the fair, JD Health, as the newest major business of, attracted interest from many participants.

Four business areas of JD Health are introduced through digital displays on site, including e-pharmacy, internet hospitals, smart medial solutions, and health services.

During the pandemic period, many programs and services offered by JD Health have quickly become recognized by the public, such as the “family doctor” services, JD pharmacy and its 30-minute fast delivery services, the national medicine subsidy project and more.

JD Health’s exhibition section

JD Health’s exhibition section(photo by Vivian Yang)

A business participant surnamed Zhao representing a company focusing on services for seniors spent a long time reading JD Health’s presentations on day 1 at the fair. He said that he heard a lot about JD Health this year and is eager to know more about its business models and potential cooperation areas. “For example, JD Health’s family doctor services would be a good fit for our elderly customers,” said Mr. Zhao.

Beside JD Health’s displays is an intelligent health screening robot. Through multiple cameras, sensors and bioelectric modules, the robot can provide a preliminary analysis of people’s health conditions and risk factors based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  theories.

A visitor is trying JD Health's intelligent health screening robot

A visitor is trying JD Health’s intelligent health screening robot(photo by Vivian Yang)

The combination of western medicine and TCM are believed to be effective in dealing with the coronavirus. In the first half of the year, JD Health made several breakthroughs in building its TCM capabilities so as to respond to customers’ high demand. So far, JD Health has established its internet-based TCM center, invited dozens of renowned TCM experts to this platform, and provided a one-stop TCM service from its customers which include TCM shopping, filling prescriptions, preparing medicine slices, and home deliveries.

Exhibition area of scientific and technological anti-epidemic casesExhibition area of scientific and technological anti-epidemic cases(photo by Vivian Yang)

Anti-pandemic is a highlighted topic during this year’s CIFTIS. JD Health is also invited to participate in this dedicated exhibition area. During the pandemic period, JD Health’s online hospital received over 10 million medical consultations. It has also made tremendous efforts in medicine and medial materials donation and delivery, and provided a pubic platform to assist with the treatment of chronic disease patients and hotlines for people who needed psychological support.