Jul 7, 2020|

Data Shows JD Ranks No.1 in Multiple Categories during 618


by Yuchuan Wang and Rachel Liu

O&O Consulting, a Beijing based firm, recently published the 2020 618 Online Retail Market Research Report: Upgrade on Quality and Consumption during the First Sales Promotion Post-COVID-19. Data shows that during 618 JD led in terms of share of sales in multiple categories including cellphones, home appliances, computers, food, beverages and more.

JD has absolute advantage in categories like cellphones, computers and peripheral devices, smart watches and more. According to the report, based on the analysis of sales of mobile phones in different price ranges during 618, JD has an advantage in high-priced products; JD accounts for more than 60% of sales of mobile phones worth over RMB 5,000 yuan.

The 618 promotion coincides with the rising temperature across the country and the seasonal replacement of large home appliances, and the delayed demand for renovation due to the epidemic. Large household appliances, mainly smart TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines, have become popular categories. JD excelled in these categories, and its share of sales in each major category leads the industry.

Data from O&O Consulting also shows JD leading in terms of growth in the cooking oil, rice, flour, milk, yogurt and adult milk powder categories during 618.

On June 19th, JD.com announced that its transaction volume during 618 exceeded over RMB 269.2 billion yuan, up more than 33.6% year on year. As the first major shopping event in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, JD’s 618 performance has demonstrated the resilience of the Chinese economy.


(wangyuchuan@jd.com; liuchang61@jd.com)