Nov 3, 2020|

Day 1 Singles Day Sales See 90% YOY Growth


Day 1 Singles Day Sales See 90% YOY Growth

by Ella Kidron

JD officially kicked off its Singles Day Grand Promotion on November 1st. For the whole day, sales increased 90% year-on-year. Where consumption during 618 signified entry into the “new normal”, Singles Day so far indicates the further normalization of epidemic prevention measures as well as the medium and long-term upward growth trend of the Chinese consumption market.

Consumers rushed to buy big brands, both international and domestic, including Mengniu, Apple and Huawei. In fact, JD’s big data team noticed a spike in direct searches for brand names such as Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi.

JD PLUS, which recently reached 20 million members, saw a lot of activity on Nov 1st. The number of new users on Nov. 1st increased 113% YOY.

The most frenzy came from second and third tier cities among which Liaoning province, Chongqing city and Jiangxi province were the fastest growing provinces and cities.

Customized products, which have been a consistent focus for JD this year, remained highly popular. During Nov. 1-2nd the number of C2M products sold on JD increased nearly three times year on year. An Intel light laptop with a new generation CPU saw 70% growth, while C2M products made up 60% of desktop sales. JD’s C2M home appliances, which have quickly become popular for their high cost-to-performance ratio also performed well. Twenty products from this line selected as priority quickly exceeded sales of RMB 200 million yuan on the first day.

Consumers have a new found appreciation for the home, in part due to spending extended time at home this year. As such, home related purchases, large and small, were a highlight on Nov. 1st. JD sold 200,000 bathroom decoration packages while sales of kitchen decoration packages increased 300%.

Personal care home appliances grew 180% on the first day of sales, among which makers of hair dryers, electric razors and more such as Dyson, Philips, Flyco, Panasonic, Braun and Oral B were highest ranked in terms of sales.

Mobile phone sales in half an hour saw 314% growth. JD’s special mobile phone for the elderly saw eight times growth in the first 15 minutes, while users who participated in JD’s trade in program in the first 30 minutes increased 465%.

JD Luxury saw whole day sales on Nov. 1 up 138% YOY. In the first 30 minutes, 127 brands including Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren and Tod’s saw sales up 10 times YOY. International jewelry brands were up six times. With the weather in several parts of China becoming colder, down quilts sales grew 4.9 times. The amount of thermal underwear increased 480% YOY.

Online education has been a constant this year. In the first hour on Nov. 1, student laptop sales increased 16 times. Dictionary pens increased 19 times. Meanwhile, the stability of the epidemic, people are more willing to get out of their home to exercise. On the first day of the promotion, badminton classes increased 50% while classes at popular boutique gym Space Cycle increased 100%, both YOY.

JD Health also had a strong showing. Medical equipment sales increased doubled while nourishing products increased over 200%. Bird’s nest, and cordyceps, a fungus commonly used in Chinese medicine increased three times. Health products such as vitamins increased over 200% YOY. JD received over 210,000 online medical consultations on Nov 1st, among which consultations of Chinese medicine increased 11 times. Vaccines, beauty clinic services (i.e. plastic surgery), checkups and other services increased eight times.