Nov 3, 2020|

Services Consumption Jumps on First Day of Singles Day Grand Promotion


by Vivian Yang

Services consumption on saw explosive growth on November 1st, the first day of the Singles Day Grand Promotion(November 1st  to 11th ). Sales highlights include:

Car Maintenance

Following massive travel and road trip activities during China’s Golden Week holiday (Oct.1st  to 8th ), the demand for car maintenance has piled up. Sales of car-related products and services soared in categories including car covers, charging equipment, automotive electrical appliances, batteries, spark plugs and more. The top three sales brands on JD during the day were Mobil, Michelin, and Castrol.

On November 1st, sales of cars on increased four times, and sales of motorcycles increased eight times year on year. Orders of car maintenance packages offered by JD Auto Services, JD’s offline car services centers, grew 273 times compared with the same period last year.


Online House Buying

During this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion, JD joined hands with several top-tier Chinese real estate developers such as Vanke, Future Land Development Holdings, and China Railway Construction to offer exclusive discounts.

In the first 30 minutes on November 1st, purchases of new houses on JD increased 70% compared with the same period last year. People from South China are the most active in purchasing homes and booking house visiting tours on JD. Customers from Beijing, Chengdu and Foshan topped the most active buyers list.


Fresh Flowers

Safeguarded by JD’s one-stop supply chain solution, JD Flowers saw sales grow five times on November 1st. In the first 20 minutes on the day, first-party sales of fresh flowers and green plants had surpassed that of the whole day sales in 2019. Sales of gardening tools also increased 90% year on year.

Meanwhile, making flower buying omnichannel on the supply chain side, JD launched a flower trading mini APP from which merchants can book fresh flowers directly from the areas they are produced and receive them in one or two days.


Travel Booking

Hotel bookings via JD Travel were four times more than the same day last month, in which orders of high-end hotels increased three times on a month-on-month basis.

Family trips are the most popular choices, with Fantawild Adventure Park, Haichang Ocean Park, Disneyland, Hengdian World Studios and Chimelong Ocean Kingdom being the Top 5 destinations.


Local Life Services

Whole day orders of local services increased more than four times as compared with the same period last year. In less than 30 minutes, door-to-door laundry services increased 80% year on year.

For the whole day on November 1st, home services purchased on increased 250%, and payment for gas cards increased seven times on a year-on-year basis.


Online Auctions

From Oct. 21st to 31st, during the Singles Day pre-sale period, the number of auction items on JD Auction increased 97% year on year. Deals of houses related to legal cases increased 50% on a month-on-month basis. Transaction volumes of asset auctions increased 11 times compared with the same period last year.

The Top 3 most popular items on JD Auction are watches, bead bracelets and Khotan jade. The premium of Jade raw materials auctioned by customs reached over 56 times.

JD Life and Services aims to provide diversified services offerings in multiple shopping scenarios to its customers and ensures the overall service fulfillment process is efficient and convenient.  More local life-focused services will be promoted on during this year’s Singles Day promotion further enriching JD’s support of neighborhood services in China.