Jan 2, 2020|

Forbidden City Celebrates Its Chinese Festival Online with JD


The Forbidden City, also known as The Palace Museum in Beijing, has collaborated with JD.com, China’s largest retailer, to bring its “Chinese Festival” cultural program online for the first time, to welcome 2020 and the coming Year of the Rat.

As part of the promotion, an exquisite brocade box will be launched exclusively on JD.com as a giveaway on January 2. Consumers who make purchases during the promotion will have the chance to take home one of these special boxes.

Upon opening the box, a poem written by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty will appear, offering New Year wishes. The Chinese traditional lunch box inside is decorated with Qing dynasty peony patterns and nine auspicious beasts from the 600-year-old Forbidden City, symbolizing property and fortune. The nine auspicious beasts, Dragon, Phoenix, Deer, Crane, Elephant, Tortoise, Qilin, Lion and Xiezhi, also appear on a silk handkerchief, nine different red envelopes, and a drinking glass, all of which are in the brocade box.

A new scarf gift box will also be launched exclusively on the Palace Museum’s flagship store on JD.

A new scarf gift box will also be launched exclusively on the Palace Museum’s flagship store on JD. In addition, 16 domestic and international brands include Dove, Philips and Baidu will join the promotion and provide their own customized New Year gift boxes for sale to Chinese consumers.

To mark the collaboration, JD and the Forbidden City also released the following video in which the nine auspicious beasts offer their New Year wishes.


“As cultural products are increasingly popular among the younger generation, developing practical products that use traditional cultural elements has been a draw for museums and brands,” said Jing Li, Director of JD Brand Marketing. “The collaboration between JD and the Forbidden City gives traditional culture a modern energy, and helps brands to interact with younger customers and create new growth opportunities.”

In 2019, JD launched the “Bring Art to Life” campaign with partners of Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, as well as London’s National Gallery and the V&A Museum to produce an array of well-designed consumer products with brands incorporating elements of classic artworks from the museums’ collections.