Jan 3, 2020|

JD Contributes ChubaoFS to Cloud Native Computing Foundation


JD.com, China’s largest retailer, announced the contribution of its distributed file system, ChubaoFS, to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

The CNCF is an international foundation that seeks to drive widespread adoption of cloud native technologies. JD’s ChubaoFS will enter the CNCF at the Sandbox level, the entry point for early stage projects aimed at increasing public visibility of work that can add value to the CNCF’s mission.

First launched in 2017, ChubaoFS is a high-performance, highly scalable and durable distributed file system for cloud native applications. It has been used to support more than 160 applications and services on JD’s Kubernetes container platform. With key features including scalable metadata management, optimized data storage, strong replication consistency and POSIX semantics, as well as object storage interface, ChubaoFS prides itself on being easy to use, deploy and maintain, and is application-centric across a wide range of business scenarios.

“ChubaoFS offers an innovative new option for general-purpose distributed/shared storage infrastructure regardless of file size or file access pattern, or even whether the service is containerized or non-containerized,” said JD Chief Architect and Technical Vice President, Haifeng Liu, who is also the innovator of ChubaoFS. “The donation of ChubaoFS to the CNCF aligns closely with JD’s mission to widely disseminate our technologies for broader use, as we continue our push into open source.”

JD is a long-time partner of the CNCF, and a previous recipient of the Foundation’s Top End User Award. The Chinese e-commerce giant uses CNCF programs including Kubernetes, Vitess, Prometheus, Helm, and Harbor to support large scale container platforms in handling large volumes of complex transactional data for its e-commerce. Haifeng Liu also serves on the CNCF Governing Board.