Aug 1, 2022|

French Brand Christian Louboutin Beauty Joins


by Xiaoqian Han

The French luxury makeup brand Christian Louboutin Beauty opened its flagship store on on July 29.

Christian Louboutin Beauty is a luxury makeup brand under the PUIG Group. To some extent, the attributes of Christian Louboutin’s beauty products are reflected in the aspects of its clothing and footwear, which are distinguished by fun and creativity. With the approaching of Chinese Valentine’s Day “Qi Xi”, which occurs on August 4 this year, is introducing consumers to more beauty brands.

Christian Louboutin Beauty’s flagship store brings consumers a full line of goods such as lip, fragrance, eye shadow and pencils, cosmetic powder, mascara, etc. Nearly 100 classic products, new products, and Chinese Valentine’s Day limited gift boxes are available for consumers.

During the Chinese Valentine’s Day festival, the flagship store of Christian Louboutin will offer lipstick gift boxes, fragrance gift boxes, and make-up gift boxes to consumers to cater to consumers’ various needs. Additionally, has also introduced a specialized letter-carved service for beauty cosmetics, which can provide nearly 20 items at the Christian Louboutin Beauty flagship store.

According to’s data, the number of luxury beauty brands participating in this promotion on Chinese Valentine’s Day in 2022 has doubled from the previous year. For a long time, JD’s strong logistics and policy of zero-tolerance toward counterfeit goods have benefited its 580 million customers.

To date, JD Luxury is home to more than 300 luxury brands, covering such categories as bags, apparel, footwear, jewelry, and watches, among others. The number is expected to keep growing thanks to JD’s efficient ecosystem that enables both brands and customers to enjoy a premiere experience in online shopping.