Jul 28, 2022|

JD Pet Announced “Five S” Care Plan, Covering Over 120,000 Products


by Vivian Yang

JD Pet announced its “Five S Pet Caring Plan” on July 23rd at “The One Pet Show”  in Hangzhou, focusing on five key service upgrades that make it a breeze for pet owners to find better pet food, products and medical support for their furry friends.

The five “S” stands for the following aspects respectively, most of which are trailblazing in the industry.

Safe food recommendation: JD Pet introduced a 3-in-1 quality label for pet staple food in combination with the standards from the U.S. European and Chinese feed control authorities, giving prominence to the best quality products on the platform. So far more than 400 pet staple food products from over 40 brands have been certified under this system.

Savings with 30-day price protection: For JD Pet’s self-operated products with the “30-day price guarantee” tag, consumers can claim the price difference correspondingly throughout the year, with no need to wait for the price protection privilege that is usually only offered during big sales.

Simple selection of the most suitable food: JD Pet is the first platform of its kind that offers a cross comparison tool for users to choose pet food. Factors included in the comparisons range from nutrition elements such as protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus and others, net weight, shelf life, service commitment, products ratings, positive comment rates and more. So far the tool has covered 120,000 kinds of baked, freeze-dried, fresh raw and other staple foods for easy comparison.

Stress-free product return procedure: For food products on JD Pet that are marked with “worry-free taste”, if pets do not agree with the new food within 15 days after receiving the order and the remaining food amount is still over 80 percent, the buyers can request a refund or change of products with no extra fee. So far over 8,000 kinds of products from more than 200 brands including Myfoodie, Orijen, Royal and more have participated in this program.

Service of 24/7 online pet health consultation: In addition to offering pet products, JD Pet created a dedicated team of vets to provide 24/7 free online consultation service. Customers can inquire about all kinds of pet care related questions on a daily basis in a timely manner. With a simple click on the App, pet owners can talk to certified vets on the platform to be guided on using the right products for treatment or advice on when it is necessary to go to an offline hospital.

According to the White Paper on Pet Consumption Trend in China 2021 released by JD.com and iResearch Consulting, China’s pet consumption market is developing rapidly with the size nearing 300 billion yuan by 2020. JD.com started business cultivation in this field across the industrial chain since 2019 and by now JD Pet has developed a partnership with more than 3000 + merchants in the pet industry and is serving more than 10 million pet owners.