Jun 4, 2020|

G-SHOCK and Hamilton Join JD for 618 Countdown


by Rachel Liu

G-SHOCK and Hamilton have joined hands with JD to set up countdown clocks for JD’s 618 Grand Promotion from June 1st at JD’s Beijing headquarters and Shanghai’s BenQ Commercial Plaza, respectively.

The G-SHOCK countdown clock in Beijing is designed from its 2020 Fluorescent Yellow collection – a new collection that JD wants to introduce to customers during this 618. G-SHOCK has debuted several new products on JD, including a cross-over collection with the Avengers in 2019, and its matte GOLD and BLACK collection in 2018.

Casio opened a flagship store on JD in 2017, bringing six of its sub-brands, including G-SHOCK, BABY-G, EDIFICE and SHEEN to JD customers. JD has large amount of sophisticated customers, and its ability to perform big data analysis on customer profiles have helped Casio gain insights into the Chinese market.

Hamilton’s countdown clock in Shanghai is in the shape of Hamilton’s new PSR watch, which will also be on pre-sale exclusively on JD in Chinese market. Hamilton joined JD’s first-party business in 2018 as the first brand to join JD through the retail giant’s partnership with China’s leading watch retailer Xinyu Group.

During last year’s 618 Grand Promotion, Hamilton debuted its Ventura “Spiderman” Skeleton Auto Limited Edition watch on JD. The new product was the No. 1 among Swiss watches in terms of sales on the debut day.