Mar 13, 2020|

Gaming Phones: A Success of JD’s C2M Model


by Rachel Liu

On March 12th, Red Magic, Nubia’s gaming phone brand, launched its new 5G gaming phone through an online press conference supported by JD Live. The phone started taking pre-orders on JD on that day with the official sale starting on March 19th offered exclusively on JD.

Previously on March 3rd, Black Shark revealed the first 5G gaming phone in the world: the Tencent Black Shark 3. On March 4th, pre-orders of the phone had already surpassed four million.

In 2017, JD was the first company to create the concept of a gaming phone – phones that can smoothly support the operation of mainstream mobile games with specific designs to optimize the consumer experience while gaming. At that time, over a third of Chinese people were phone gamers. Through deep analysis of customers’ feedback, JD discovered that gamers have higher requirements regarding phone specifications and design. JD quickly worked with several mobile phone brands to develop related products to respond to this demand.

This consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) model on product development not only improved customers’ experience, but also helped brands gain a deeper understanding of consumer trends and improved their sales performance. Over half of C2M phones sold on JD are gaming phones.

Black Shark is the first brand that worked with JD on developing a gaming phone.

Black Shark is the first brand that worked with JD on developing a gaming phone. In 2018, based on JD’s big data analysis, Black Shark launched the first gaming phone in China, with pre-orders surpassing 450,000. In the same year, the first Red Magic gaming phone was launched on JD, with sales surpassed 10,000 in just 37 seconds. Since launching the gaming phone in 2018, it’s been gaining popularity. During the 2019 Singles Day (November 11th) sales festival, sales of gaming phones on JD increased 130% y-o-y. In the first two hours of that day, Black Shark ranked first in both sales revenue and quantity in the phone category.

Besides the gaming phone, JD also leveraged C2M to launch phones specifically created for e-book reading and for elderly people. In January 2020, JD launched the “Time machine”, a smart phone specifically designed for elderly people.

C2M is part of JD’s strategy to keep the customer at the center of the retail process. It enables JD to provide consumers with products before they know they need them, based upon both robust big data research and a solid understanding of customer needs. It enables JD to provide new value to brands who seek to better target Chinese consumer needs.