May 20, 2020|

Gree’s Boss: Record Setter of Livestreaming on JD with Sales of $100 Million


by Rachel Liu

On May 15th, Mingzhu Dong, Chairwomen of Gree Electric joined a livestream for Gree products on JD. From 8pm to 11:20pm, generating RMB 703 million yuan (nearly $100 million dollars) in sales – the highest yet for live shows in the home appliances industry.

Live streaming has alleviated Gree’s sales difficulties caused by COVID-19 during Q1.  During the live show, Dong recommended over 50 products in total, and introduced the technology highlights of the products from a professional vantage point. This is one of the advantages of JD’s live streams, and provides customers a chance to learn about and experience the products in a way that would not be possible with traditional online shopping.

This year marks the 10th year for Gree Electric to work with JD to expand its online presence. Since then, JD has become a key online channel for Gree and welcomed Gree’s product from all categories. JD has also leveraged its big data and customer insights to customize many high-quality products with Gree through JD’s C2M (Consumer-to-Manufacturer) initiative.

During Covid-19, facing surging demand for health-related home appliances, JD has worked closely with brands to customize products with disinfection and sterilization functions. JD also partnered with brands and retailers to promote omnichannel integration through live shows and social e-commerce, to help weather the impact of the closure of offline stores. As the epidemic situation in China has improved, JD has continued to explore innovative marketing solutions for brands such as online press conferences and launch large scale sales promotions to stimulate consumption and support home appliances brands.