May 20, 2020|

JD Big Data: Good News for Women When 520 Comes


by Ling Cao and Yuchuan Wang

May 20th (520) is considered as China’s “Internet Valentine’s Day”. In preparation for the cyber holiday, over 100 brands including SKII, OLAY, L’OREAL, Chow Tai Fook, SWAROVSKI and CASIO have launched more than 2,000 gift boxes on JD, covering cosmetics, jewelry, watches, luxury products and more. In addition, JD also collaborated with Jeremy Scott, a famous American fashion designer to offer limited edition brooch and necklace gift boxes.

520 originally started as a short form of saying “I love you” online given it sounds very similar to the Mandarin pronunciation “wo ai ni”. Over time, 520 has become associated with the date May 20th, and today there is a gift giving expectation around the holiday each year. Young couples in China usually prepare for the day a few weeks before it.

JD x Jeremy Scott 520

According to JD’s data, transaction volume for gift products from May 1st increased 227% y-o-y, among which lipsticks and perfume increased 108%, flowers increased 80% and K-gold ornaments increased 40%, and the majority of purchases were male. 69.4% shoppers of lipsticks and perfume products are male customers, an increase of 10% comparing with last year, while the average consumption of male shoppers in this category have increased over 130% y-o-y.

Not all of the gifts are successful. JD’s data finds that 20% of the comments are along the lines of, “my wife didn’t like it, so we changed the color”.

Several merchants provide mini-sets including multiple lipstick colors, almost tailor made for these shoppers who are unsure which color to choose.

For expensive imported or luxurious lipstick, 80% of customers are females, and popular comments are rather joyful, such as, “suitable for skin color, good texture.”

As for jewelry, sales of rings increased 156% in mid-May compared with same period last month. Popular comments are along the lines of, “marriage proposal, successful”.

In addition, 71% of diamond buyers and 77.5% of family planning products and adult toys buyers are male customers, of which sales of family planning products increased by 45% in mid-May compared with same period last month.

JD Data also found that when women select gifts for men, popular products include razors, belts and menswear. Sales of watches, men’s wallets and bags increased 32% and 24% y-o-y separately.

Top search keywords for gifts around the holiday are: I love you, 520, girlfriend, wife, Valentine’s Day, diamond and lipstick. Don’t be disappointed, young men, “boyfriend” is somewhere around 15th top searched keyword.