Oct 22, 2020|

GSSC Series: JD Launches Logistics Technology Brand, Will Deploy Over 100,000 Robots in the Next Five Years


by Yuchuan Wang

At JD’s online Global Smart Supply Chain Summit (GSSC) today, the company launched a new JD Logistics technology brand “JDL Technology”, which will aim to build digital, intelligent software and hardware supply chain products and solutions for the industry.

With the goal of becoming a world-leading supply chain logistics enterprise, Zhenhui Wang, CEO of JD Logistics, believes JD Logistics should build a second growth path by focusing on technology research and opening up its capabilities. For example, JD will continue to increase its investment in logistics technology; and in the next five years, it will deploy more than 100,000 robots to enhance the customer experience and alleviate the workload of our front-line workers, including applying 100 last-mile delivery robots in Changshu, Jiangsu province.

JD will continue to increase its investment in logistics technology

In addition, JD’s cloud warehouse, which uses a JD-developed cloud-based supply chain management solution to upgrade third party companies’ existing supply chain, will extend across all of China within three years. JD will empower industries including FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), electronics, energy, industrial products, and automobiles through supply chain solutions to improve efficiency.

In the past year, JD Logistics has seen fruitful results for its technology research and its progress in opening up. For example, indoor positioning can be precise to the centimeter in JD’s Beijing Asia No.1 fulfillment center. Through collaboration with three operators, 28 Asia No.1 fulfillment centers in China now have 5G coverage.

JD also helped build the national emergency materials management platform in 100 days after the breakout of COVID-19. Through this platform, emergency supplies can be located, managed, accessed, delivered, and traced precisely.

“The philosophy (of JDL Technology) is handling complexity with simplicity,” said  Wang. “We leave complexity and difficulties to ourselves and simplicity and convenience to customers. Through simple and optimized logistics technology products, we tackle complicated problems throughout the supply chains of different industries while improving circulation efficiency.”

The GSSC summit is an annual event focused on logistics innovation and technology communication, hosted by JD Logistics. Under this year’s theme of “Open Capabilities, Shared Growth”, the GSSC gathered the world’s leading experts in the industries of logistics, commerce, science and technology to discuss how to seize the opportunities provided by the macro environment and policy, with an aim to reshape the industrial supply chain and promote high-speed growth.

JDL Technology family, click to zoom in:

JDL Technology family, click to zoom in: