Sep 17, 2020|

Healthcare Consumption Surge on JD Super Healthcare Day


by Ling Cao

Sales of health-related products and services increased 104% YOY on JD’s super healthcare day on September 16th, according to JD Data. Among the best-sellers were household medicine, consultation services on JD Health’s platform, and HPV vaccines, which respectively increased 600%, 474% and 104%.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the prioritization of healthcare among consumers, with influenza vaccine sales increasing nearly 17 times in the previous month, and a “family medicine suitcase” program launched in May of last year helped to drive a 230% YOY increase in customers for medicine management services. The program provides integrated healthcare services including notifications featuring medicine recommendations and instructions, and healthcare consultation – available via SMS, WeChat messages or directly in the JD Health app.

Additionally, healthcare products, medical apparatus and medicine all jumped in popularity. Data showed that Omron sales increased 148% YOY, while Johnson & Johnson sales increased 387% YOY. Swisse sales increased 193% YOY, and some Chinese brands selling bird’s nest soup also saw a boost. In the consumption medical service category, sales from ikang’s JD store increased seven times, and YOY sales from Amcare Women’s and Children’s Specialized Health increased over nine times.