Sep 16, 2020|

JD Launches Service Ecosystem for MRO Industry


by Ling Cao

JD has launched Jing Gong Bang (京工帮, literally means JD Industry Helper), a system that will help digitalize the MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) industry by connecting big companies with industry-leading service providers for manufacture-level omnichannel service solutions.

The system, which was announced at the ongoing 22nd China international Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai, will ensure the MRO industry is equipped to handle “unexpected occasions,” said Deming Ding, general manager of JD MRO,’s B2B subsidiary for industrial MRO products and services.

“When those occasions happen, it’s hard for a company to respond entirely based on its own capabilities,” he said. “Building a service system with industry partners is the only road to go digital.”

These days supporting services like installation, repair and maintenance can play an essential role in driving purchase—and are rapidly becoming a customer expectation. Jing Gong Bang hopes to fill that gap.

In the first phase, the system will focus on three service scenarios: deploying a team to the client’s factory to provide purchasing recommendations and consultation; completing the last mile supply chain by providing forward warehouses or space in JD’s warehouses, and access to smart lockers; and professional maintenance services such as instant installation and maintenance services.

For example, in this year’s one road construction project in Sichuan, JD helped build forward warehouses that improved construction efficiency for the project.

As part of the announcement, JR MRO signed a cooperation agreement with six industrial product service providers.

In addition to Jing Gong Bang, JD also launched other products including an app providing a factory-to-business procurement platform.