Jul 14, 2020|

How JD and Lego Build More Happiness for Chinese Families


by Vivian Yang

A newly finished market survey done by JD Retail shows that during the first hour of June 18th during JD’s Grand Promotion event, transaction volume of Lego products on JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, was five-fold the same period last year, which once again demonstrated the magic blocks’ popularity.

China has a vast toy market with customers of a wide range of ages. To better reach its customers, Lego started to eye the online market in 2015, establishing a strategic cooperation with JD Super, followed by JD’s first-party Lego store and Lego’s flagship store on JD.com in 2017.

The survey also shows that through JD Super’s big data and omnichanel solutions, Lego is able to further acquire consumer insights, improve daily operation and increase market penetration, bringing more popular products and happy experiences to Chinese families. During JD Super’s Christmas sales season in 2019, JD and Lego jointly created an online Christmas party that achieved RMB 22 million yuan in sales on Christmas Day.

To better cater to the taste of grown-ups, based on rich consumer feedback and analysis, Lego enhanced its IP products offering for Chinese consumers, releasing joint products with Star Wars and The Avengers.

Each year, Lego releases at least 10 new products on JD Super. This May, Lego chose JD Super as the initial platform to launch its LEGO Dots, a strategic new brand line. The launch has also been noticed and discussed enthusiastically on Chinese social media.

With the shared goals to better serve local customers and provide a superior shopping experience, JD Super and Lego will continue to deepen cooperation in areas such as marketing, omnichannel development, user growth, and lower-tier market penetration.