Aug 26, 2020|

Huawei Becomes the First Brand to Have 40 Million Fans on


by Yuchuan Wang

Huawei and held a grand sales event dedicated for Huawei fans and launched a series of marketing activities On August 25th. The sales event was held to celebrate the number of fans of Huawei’s first-party store on JD surpassing 40 million on August 18th.

During JD’s Annual Mobile Phone Festival held from August 1st to 18th, transaction volume of Huawei increased 111% year-on-year.

For Huawei and JD, providing better services and products are as important as providing attractive promotions to the growth of brand fans. The two parties have been collaborating in “consumer operation”.

“We have launched a monthly activity called ‘Fans Day’. On the 25th of each month, JD and Huawei will provide exclusive benefits for brand fans that have long been supporting us,” said Yang Xu, head of content operations of JD Mobile Devices. “Our deep cooperation in consumer operations has helped Huawei become the first brand to reach 40 million fans on JD.”

JD and Huawei have a long history of collaboration and have made a lot of achievements. When Huawei debuted its flagship product Mate9 in 2016, sales on JD reached RMB 100 million yuan in just one minute. In the same year, JD launched a special one-hour delivery for Huawei’s Porsche design mobile phone. In 2018, Huawei joined hands with JD in IoT which made it possible for Huawei’s products such as mobile phones, routers, computers and more to be controlled by JD’s IoT system. Huawei store fans on JD surpassed 10 million during that year’s Singles Day (November 11th) sales.