Aug 26, 2020|

JD and Brand Partners Form Organic Alliance


by Ella Kidron

JD Super, the online supermarket brand under, announced the formation of an Organic Alliance on August 20th. Over 10 companies have joined the alliance, including Milk Deluxe (特仑苏), Bellamy’s (贝拉米), ORGANIC (圣牧), Abbott (雅培), Anchor (安佳), FIRMUS (飞鹤), Shiyuedaotian (十月稻田), Wyeth (惠氏), Junlebao (君乐宝), Gerber (嘉宝), Qianhe (千禾), Beichun (北纯), and Seamild (西麦), among other well recognized domestic and international brands. JD hopes to establish an organic industry ecosystem through the optimization of industry standards for organic products as well a wide range of support for organic brands to grow their appeal among Chinese consumers.

JD holds press conference to mark formation of organic alliance with leading brand partners

With the COVID-19 pandemic defining much of 2020, many consumers have started to pay more attention to food quality and general health management. Recognizing the role that organic foods play in overall health and wellness, JD has taken it upon itself to become the go-to destination for consumers to buy organic, as well as for brands selling organic products to prosper in the e-commerce space.

JD Super and members of the alliance plan to work together with government bodies, channel merchants, and inspection institutes to collectively build an “organic traceability” mechanism. The mechanism will be able to record all important information concerning the lifecycle of an organic product all the way down to the origin, to ensure it is indeed organic. IoT and blockchain can ensure the whole process can be traced and that the data cannot be tampered with.

JD Super will also provide resources to support brands with organic labeling, as well as growth on the platform through marketing and omnichannel initiatives. Furthermore, JD’s big data insights can help brands gain insight into their target consumer base and improve customer loyalty.