Apr 16, 2020|

ifenxi: JD Cloud & AI Ranks Third in China as Cloud Service Provider


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Cloud & AI ranks third among China’s top 30 cloud computing companies in a report released on April 15th by ifenxi, a leading analytics agency in China. Top two players in the list are Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud, while Baidu Cloud is No. 4.

The rankings are screened and evaluated by ifenxi based on a combination of interviews and industry research conducted over the past three years, covering five dimensions including comprehensive strength, client acquisition ability, product capability, technological capability and ecological and service capability.

ifenxi says: “JD Cloud & AI has accumulated extensive experience in manifold industries, such as e-commerce and retail, smart city and industrials, finance, logistics and supply chain. At the same time, it has built a multi-tier ecosystem from underlying data to upper applications. JD Cloud & AI has rich scenarios for the application of cloud computing, AI, IoT and big data, and is good at acquiring clients and providing service. ”

JD Cloud and AI officially joined JD Retail, JD Logistics and JD Digits on March 5th to become one of the company’s core businesses. Its cloud computing business offers full stack services ranging from IaaS and PaaS to SaaS and covers public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and proprietary cloud. It now has one of the largest docker clusters and GPU clusters in China. According to IDC China’s Public Cloud Service Market report in 2019, JD is a top 10 public cloud IaaS provider in China, with a year-on-year growth of 512% in terms of market share, the fastest in the industry.

In an interview earlier this year with CNBC, Bowen Zhou, President of JD Cloud & AI shared: “From last year, our new clear direction at JD was to serve the company based on the foundation of supply chain (development). When we look at the direction of our future operations, technology and services is a core engine of growth.”

This industry recognition is verification of JD’s rising strength in this field.