Nov 19, 2020|

Industry Data: JD’s Active Users Increased amid Singles Day Grand Promotion


by Ling Cao

According to data from QuestMobile, China’s leading big data analytics firm, active users from JD’s App increased 53.5% YoY on Singles Day, while the growth rate during November 1st to November 11th was 67.4% YoY, higher than the industry average.

JD has been consistently expanding into lower-tier markets. QuestMobile data showed that over 60% of JD’s new App users are from tier 3 and lower markets. As for the average customer age, JD is stretching the boundaries beyond its current key customer base who are 25-35 years old. Among the new App users, nearly 40% are over 36 years old, while 25.3% are under 25.

Lower-tier markets also demonstrated great consumption power. JD data showed that 80% of the new customers of JD Super are from lower-tier markets. Sales of JD’s offline home appliance experience stores, which are mainly based in lower-tier markets, increased 200% YoY.

JD’s Q3 earnings showed that annual active customers increased by 32.1% to 441.6 million, which is the highest growth rate in the last three years. Based on smart supply chain and by leveraging digital technology, JD will continue to provide customers with a superior shopping experience, promoting sales growth for the real economy.