Nov 19, 2020|

JD Worldwide Supports Overseas Merchants Growth in China


by Rachel Liu

During JD’s Singles Day Grand Promotion (November 1st – 11th) this year, JD Worldwide saw sales improve in multiple categories, and total sales in the 11 days increased 50% YoY. Many medium-to-small merchants have taken the opportunity to leverage the support provided by JDW to achieve a sales boost.

Seeing that many overseas merchants are not familiar with e-commerce operations in the Chinese market, JDW began to provide trainings on store operations targeting the pain points of different categories since September. Hundreds of merchants have improved their operation efficiency through learning from the livestream courses.

AMPLEUR flagship store, a store focused on beauty products, saw its daily sales double after taking the trainings. The store was launched on JD over a year ago, but before the course it had been troubled by poor sales performance and low marketing ability. After taking the training specifically designed for cross-border beauty brands, the store leveraged big data analysis to understand that most of the customers found the store through searching for the name of the brand. After increasing exposure of the brands’ name, the store doubled its daily sales during the Singles Day period.

Complicated logistics transit and high warehouse management fees are additional challenges for overseas merchants. Sending the wrong products and broken packages used to be common and caused many complaints. In response, JDW has also developed solutions for logistics problems. Electronic Partner flagship store on JDW decided to move all their products to JD Logistics’ warehouse in Hong Kong, and saw their order collecting speed and fulfillment satisfaction greatly improved. The logistics cost for the store also decreased as they could enjoy JD’s subsidy.

On October 30th, JDW also launched a smart operation tool to help stores analyze their problems and provide customized suggestions through algorithms. With the help of technology, the stores can achieve better sales performance through smart and detailed operations. JDW will work with leading international brands such as Shiseido, Wyeth and Swisse to further upgrade the service ability of the tool and benefit more merchants.