May 27, 2021|

JD 618 Pre-Sale Orders up 640% YOY


by Ella Kidron

The 618 Grand Promotion season is officially underway. JD clocked in a 640% increase in pre-sales order volume YOY. During May 24-25, the term “pre-sales” was searched over 150,000 times. The number of brands and merchants participating in pre-sales have increased 126% and 437% respectively.

Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei (which placed top three in terms of order volume) and Haier were among the brands which broke the RMB 100 million mark over the two days. Pre-sale order volume of 751 brands increased 500% each while 1,142 sub-categories saw pre-sale order volume increase over 100 times. Such categories include hand-held stabilizers, home-use floor washing appliances, smart clothes dryers, trash sorters and massage chairs. Laptops, mobile phones, gaming computers, refrigerators, casual shoes, flat screen TVs, smart watches and baijiu were also among highly popular products during pre-sales.

Trends during 618 indicate renewed attention on time-honored Chinese brands and breakout trendy domestic brands, as well as FMCG products from Chinese companies. JD Super, JD’s online supermarket saw Mengniu room temperature yogurt, Evergrande natural spring water and Lanji Story cotton disposable facial towels as hot sellers. The top two mobile phones are Xiaomi 11 and Xiaomi 10s, further indicating JD consumers’ affinity for the Xiaomi brand. Many specialty fruits such as cherries from Yantai, Shandong province, Lychee from Hainan and peaches from Wuxi were also flying off the shelves.

Orders of electric scooters increased by 208% YOY. Pre-sales indicate the increasing individualization of consumer needs, especially when it comes to household items. Pre-orders of floor cleaning appliances increased by more than 40 times compared with the same period last year, of which new high-end floor washing devices account for more than 65%, while sweeping robots increased by 400% YOY.

Pets are getting love for sure this 618l. Pre-sales orders of beauty-related grooming appliances for pets increased 26 times while pet gastrointestinal care products were up 23 times over the same period. Health services are also must-buy items. On May 24, the overall turnover of oral health products increased nine times compared with last year, and the turnover over vaccine related services increased by 230%.

This 618 Grand Promotion celebrates’s 18 years of providing high quality services to consumers all over China. During the pre-sales period, the e-commerce giant’s 30-day price protection, free delivery and worry free return services make consumers more confident to get a head start on the mid-year shopping extravaganza.