Mar 9, 2020|

JD: A Powerful Sales Platform for Mobile Phones


by Rachel Liu

There has been a peak in mobile phone launches recently and many brands have chosen JD as platform of choice. Phones including the HUAWEI Mate Xs, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung S20, Xiaomi 10, OPPO Find X2, BLACK SHARK 3, vivo’s IQOO3, have all launched on JD in the last few weeks.

The brands achieved great sales performance: sales of Xiaomi 10 quickly surpassed RMB 100 million after its launching on February 10th. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip went out of stock just one minute after the sale began. Pre-orders of HUAWEI Mate Xs surpassed 470,000 on JD since pre-orders began on February 26th.

JD has also pridoved various measures to facilitate the launches, including special support to tackle COVID-19. For example, it has provided contactless delivery service during the epidemic to give consumers peace of mind. For high-end products such as the HUAWEI Mate Xs and Galaxy Z Flip (both over RMB 10,000), JD provides its JD Luxury Express delivery service for free during certain sales period. JD couriers dressed in suit and white gloves will deliver the products in an electric car, giving customers a premium shopping experience. For both products, JD customers became the first users of the product in China, and received their items via JD Luxury Express.

Samsung galaxy Z flip

With the epidemic outbreak, many brands are unable to hold offline press conferences. JD Live provides brands with technologies and marketing tools to hold successful press conferences via live broadcast, including 5G live, VR live, real-time customer interactions and professional product analysis. On February 13th, Xiaomi held its press conference for the launch of its Xiaomi 10 via JD Live and saw pre-order volume surpass 500,000. Samsung, Oppo, iQOO and BLACK SHARK have also used JD Live to hold online press conference to promote their new products.

JD’s deep understanding of its customers is another reason brands choose JD. On March 3rd, BLACK SHARK leveraged JD Live to launch BLACK SHARK 3, the first 5G gaming phone in the world. BLACK SHARK has been working closely with JD C2M (consumer-to-manufacturer) projects, using big data analysis to understand customers’ key demands and improve product design. BLACK SHARK also signed an exclusive partnership with JD in 2018, making JD the only platform to sell BLACK SHARK products other than its own channels.


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