May 25, 2020|

JD Adds Three New Asia No. 1 Logistics Parks, Additional Measures to Support 618 Promotion


by Ling Cao

As JD’s annual June 18th (“618”) sales event is approaching, JD announced several measures to guarantee that the promotion runs smoothly.

In terms of smart logistics infrastructure, JD has expanded its highly automated Asia No.1 logistics parks network to 28 parks, which can increase same or next day delivery service coverage, especially for lower tier markets. The three new parks are in Langfang, Hebei province, Dezhou, Shandong province and Zhengzhou, Henan province. At the same time, with the improvement of the epidemic situation, JD will continue to offer delivery to customers’ doors. The promotion will be supported by same- or next-day delivery service covering over 200 cities – an expansion from just six cities 10 years ago.

JD will leverage smart scheduling and forecasting to precisely manage operations and route planning. JD’s AI-based reservation technology for delivery and installation of bulky items will be used for bulk orders for the first time, with 50,000 intellectual voice interactions per hour, greatly improving efficiency.

A JD Logistics representative said, “By leveraging big data forecasting for popular products, we are able to put the products closest to customers, so that customers can receive their parcels as fast as in several minutes from when they placed the orders.”

JD’s Service + will also provide integrated services covering home appliance installation and cleaning, electronic products repair, after-sales service and more. During 618, JD will add more personnel and reserve more spare parts to improve the service experience.

JD has tailored supply chain services covering warehousing, transportation and delivery for different industry partners, covering apparel, fast moving consumer goods, auto aftermarket, home appliance, home furnishing, books and more. The service was especially welcomed at the height of COVID-19, during which the number of new merchants on JD opting to use JD’s supply chain services doubled year-over-year.

To make sure small- and medium-sized merchants can better prepare for the promotion, JD cooperated with banks to provide loan services for them. The company is also providing logistics subsidies for Jingxi merchants in nine cities, and providing guidance on effective inventory layout to maximize performance.