JD to Boost Post-COVID Consumption with 618 Grand Promotion

JD to Boost Post-COVID Consumption with 618 Grand Promotion

by Tracy Yang

JD.com’s 17th June 18 Anniversary (“618”) Grand Promotion, China’s first national shopping festival in the post-epidemic era, is around the corner.

On May 25th, JD.com held a press conference to kick off the event. JD will provide RMB 10 billion yuan in subsidies, hundreds of billions of discounts and 10 billion consumption coupons during the 618 event this year. This year’s 618 is the sales promotion with the largest amount of discounts ever, the best shopping experience, the strongest brand growth opportunity, and the most new product launches. Among the many discounts and promotions offered, JD.com will provide over 200 million units at 50 % off and sell over 200 million units of new products.

JD.com will also help more than 150 brands to sell over RMB 100 million in products through innovative empowerment initiatives, subsidy support and other measures, and help more than 100,000 small and medium-sized brands and merchants increase their turnover by more than 100% compared with the same period last year.

This is the 17th year for JD.com to hold its 618 Grand Promotion. In addition to the quality assurance of authenticity strictly maintained over the past 17 years, JD.com has also provided consumers with a good shopping experience, including high-quality customer service, after-sales, logistics and other services, and won the trust of hundreds of millions of consumers as a result. This year, JD.com will continue to comprehensively upgrade the shopping experience, making consumers more at ease, happier and less worried, and providing unprecedented value to the industry.




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