Sep 21, 2020|

JD Advances the “Bathroom Revolution” With More to Offer


by Vivian Yang

As part of its ongoing Bathroom Revolution campaign, JD has launched more novelty products this autumn, including non-nail mounted commodity shelves, electric towel warmers and more lighting decorations.

For tenants who are afraid to make holes in the walls of their rented apartments, Kohler introduced a set of five nail-free racks on including a double bath towel rack, a single towel rack, a clothes hanger, a toilet paper rack and a toilet brush rack. These racks are available with various designs and strong bearing capacity to meet different styles of home decorations without damaging the walls.

Electric towel hanging warmers without nails also gained popularity among customers. The warmers are a hugely practical gadget for people living in southern China, where it is too humid for towels to be dried during spring and often too cold in winter due to lack of heating systems.

Bathroom lighting has become more sophisticated, offering multiple functions such as adopting new water-proof materials, creating different background and space effects, and other personalized lighting needs. To meet these diversified demands, JD collaborated with several leading lighting providers including CMOELY, DINAH, Honkon, Yeelight, NVC and more to offer customized one-stop lighting environment solutions ranging from vast product selections to professional lighting design services.

JD also offers home delivery and free installation services for these products. To ease people’s stress and worries in the home decoration process, JD has introduced 11 services covering virtual furniture layout plan powered by AR, materials inspection, 30-day price guarantee, 3-year warranty, freight insurance and more.