May 26, 2021|

JD among the First to Receive Autonomous Delivery Road Test License in China


by Yuchuan Wang

 JD become one of the first three enterprises in China to obtain road test license plates for autonomous delivery vehicles. The announcement was made by Beijing High-level Automated Driving Demonstration Area (BJHAD) on the 8th International Congress of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Technology (CICV) held in Beijing on May 25.

Dr. Qi Kong (in red), chief scientist and head of JD’s autonomous driving technology receives the license plate from Lei Kong, vice director of management committee of Beijing Economic Technological Development Area and head of promotion working group of BJHAD

BJHAD also announced the test version of the implementation rules for the management of autonomous delivery vehicles during the congress.

“It will provide more space and opportunities for the industry to grow,” said Dr. Qi Kong, chief scientist and head of autonomous driving technology at JD Logistics. “JD will proceed with larger scale road tests and commercial operations on public roads which will accelerate our technology advancement to provide experienced intelligent delivery service to customers.”

JD debuted its first autonomous delivery vehicle in September 2016. The company revealed its 4.0 robot in 2019 following years of research and iterations, and became the world’s first company to apply Level-4 autonomous driving technology on public roads without any human interaction.

As of April this year, JD has put its autonomous delivery vehicles into daily use in over 20 cities in China for the last-mile delivery of e-commerce parcels. In Changshu, Jiangsu province, over one fifth of JD’s delivery stations have adopted the vehicle in daily operations.