Aug 19, 2020|

JD and China Telecom Launch Joint Membership Card


by Rachel Liu

On August 18th, JD and China Telecom jointly launched the “JD PLUS x China Telecom Membership Card”. Customers who buy the membership card can enjoy benefits of both JD PLUS (JD’s premium membership program) and China Telecom, and potentially other platforms. This marks the first cross-membership project in China between an e-commerce company and a mobile network operator.

Customers can buy the cross-membership card for RMB 198 yuan/year to enjoy the China Telecom PLUS membership (worth of RMB 199 yuan/year) and JD PLUS membership (worth of 198 yuan/year). The first 80,000 customers can enjoy a discounted price of RMB 148 yuan. JD PLUS members can enjoy 12 benefits each year including shopping coupons worth RMB 1,200 yuan, coupons for delivery worth RMB 360 yuan, and more. China Telecom PLUS members can enjoy RMB 15 yuan of coupons each month, which can be used towards mobile phone top up or shopping on JD. If customers do not want to receive the China Telecom coupons, they can also enjoy the iQIY (popular video website in China) VIP or Tencent Video membership for one year instead.

In addition to the cross-membership with China Telecom, JD has been building innovative projects with mobile network operators. During the 2019 Singles Day (November 11th ) Shopping Festival, JD and China Telecom jointly launched the first online 5G data package. JD and China Mobile also signed a 2019 5G service partnership to jointly provide 5G data packages, 5G experience service, trade-in services for 5G phones and 30-day trial services. Following the partnership with China Telecom, JD is also discussing membership projects with China Mobile and China Unicom, the other two main mobile operators in China.

On August 5th, JD launched an updated service package for mobile phone buyers, which includes five services: 30-day return, one-hour delivery, free-trial for 7 days, trade-in and “30365” service. One week after the launch, orders of mobile trade-in services on JD increased over 50% compared with the week before launching.