Aug 20, 2020|

JD and Loufan County to Launch “JD Farm County Demo Base” to Promote Digital Agriculture


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics and Loufan county in Taiyuan city, Shanxi province, signed a partnership on August 20th, to launch the first county-level JD Farm demonstration base in order to build a model for the digitization of the agricultural industry. The project uses JD’s expertise in e-commerce and informatization technologies such as big data, AI, cloud computing and IoT.

“We hope to empower agriculture with digital management tools and eventually help farmers sell quality produce at the best prices. Leveraging JD’s supply chain and e-commerce abilities, we bring produce directly from farms to consumers’ tables,” said Zhiwei Qiao, head of JD Farm, on the signing ceremony.

Loufan is famous for its potatoes and rice. Leveraging satellite and remote sensing multispectral imaging technology by drones, JD will help Loufan build a digital map that is able to analyze the growth of key crops and forecast crop yield. The technology can also be applied to build an alert system for floods and insect infestation.

JD will help Loufan build a digital map that is able to analyze the growth of key crops and forecast crop yield
Loufan county, Taiyuan city, Shanxi province

JD Logistics’ digital agriculture management platform will collect real-time farming data, encrypt it with blockchain technology and integrate the information into a QR code on product packages. Blockchain-enabled traceability will give consumers peace of mind as they have full visibility into production information and can trace the origin of the product.

In addition to helping Loufan digitize the agricultural production process, JD is determined to help local products sell across the nation. JD will open its logistics and supply chain technology and operations experience and empower local supply chain development through building JD’s Loufan logistics center and cloud warehouse solution. The company will help train and cultivate over 3,000 logistics and supply chain professionals in Loufan.

JD will also provide its e-commerce resources including marketing resources, social e-commerce tools, livestreaming platform and livestreamers to help local producers build their own brand image, and thus attract more favorable prices.

As a trend for the agricultural industry, digitization will help farmers make more informed decisions and improve productivity. Since 2018, JD Logistics began its JD Farm project which empowers traditional farms with intelligent tools. So far, the company has cooperated on nearly 30 farm projects nationwide. Forty percent of JD Farm’s employees have an agricultural education background.