Oct 15, 2020|

JD and NVIDIA Debut New GPU Products


by Yuchuan Wang

Under the scenario of heterogeneous computing which uses more than one kind of processor or core, businesses are often faced with the problem of “excess computing power”. JD Cloud & AI has researched two vGPU instances with NVIDIA® Tesla® P40. They provide multiple CPU and memory combinations so that users can select appropriate computing resources, improving the flexibility of their systems and lowering costs.

The Virtual Computer Server vGPU instance is best fit for AI and scientific computing scenarios for design and research institutes and deep learning education/experiments. The Quadrov DWS vGPU instance can be used by the film and television industry for real-time rendering, image processing and architecture designing.

The “Natural Language Processing Training Camp” jointly held by JD Cloud & AI and GreedyAI, a Beijing based technology education company, is using the P40*1/2 cloud hosting backed AI training cluster. The camp, which provides access to business-use AI project resources and JD’s real application scenarios, has attracted over 200 people in the AI technology space, among which many are college students from  Harvard, Cambridge, Tsinghua and Peking University, etc.

In the future, JD will continuously leverage its expertise and experience in AI, big data and cloud computing to provide value-added services and products to industry clients and partners.